Sleep Hacking Your Way To Success – How Sleep Affects Productivity

Did you know that when you go into work after a poor night’s sleep you may as well go in drunk? Having less than five hours sleep over a few nights are seen to have the same levels of impaired judgement than someone who is OVER the drink drive limit. Whether you’re an employer looking to get the most out of your staff or an employee who is looking to improve their performance at work and work towards that all important promotion, one thing for sure is that you need a great night’s sleep!

A lack of sleep is known to cause exceptionally low productivity levels which, let’s face it, isn’t great news! As a nation, we struggle to sleep for a variety of different reasons from insomnia to struggling with the heat, however there’s no denying that sleep deprivation is widely cited as the primary cause of low productivity in the workplace, making it a pressing issue for both employers and employees.

If you find that you’re sleeping anything less than 6 hours each night (ideally, however, you’ll sleep between 7 and 9), you’re likely seeing your productivity compromised as a result and you need to take steps to ensure that this is reversed. Everyone get’s a bad night’s sleep from time to time, however if it’s happening more night’s than it’s not, you need to consider what you can do to improve things.

Success at work is something which many of us strive to achieve and being in the best mental and physical condition is something which is strongly admired by employers. To do that, however, a great night’s sleep is one of the main things you can do to work your way upwards and deliver your very best at all times.

Not only will a great night’s sleep boost your productivity though, you’ll also physical and mentally feel on top of the world and enjoy every day that little bit more! Let’s face it, no one likes feeling tired and groggy do they?!

To take a look in a little more depth at how sleep affects productivity, the guys over at SleepyPeople recently put together a fantastic infographic which looks at how you can ‘Sleep Your Way To Success’ and we’re proud to share it below:

There’s no doubting the importance of sleep when it comes to productivity and there’s some great tips and pointers here! Maybe you’ll re-consider next time you’re thinking of pulling an all-nighter?

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