Soddler- The Revived Market Space

Buying and selling has never been so easy. The web 2.0 demands instant to feat in almost everything. Why should personal merchandizing be unexplored? A personalized merchandising where you can buy-sell your own used items. Soddler it is!

Soddler is a very new micro-selling platform where users can sell and even share products in their own market space. Users can also following and buy the items others have to sell. Now it’s just a click away now!


About The Team

Marc Beyer
Sébastien Braun

“We are a French team of seven secretly working on Soddler since December 2013. We live for the web and software engineering. Our first startup runs at SaaS platform”.
After 7 month of consistent development, Soddler made the way to private beta version in 2014’s.

Their Commendable Idea

“One day, we were asking ourselves why we had so many objects we don’t use anymore but at the same time why we were so reluctant to sell them. That same day, our team decided to do something about it”, said Eric Liégeois, voice of Soddler.

The Hurdle

“It is challenging to transact using mobile phones, If you not a bank.Team formation was not a problem as we were already working with the talented bunch”. The app is ready to serve in market. The next challenge is accumulating funds.

The Impeccable Solution

Floating the products on sale is as easy and quick as publishing picture Instagram. Your follower on Soddler can browse through the product feeds.

You can share the pitched products on Twitter, Facebook or even embed it on your website just like a Youtube video.

There is no need to create an account on Soddler for buying a product. Each one of them has a dedicated webpage where one can pay for it with a credit card. The money flowing from the sale is redirected to the seller’s bank account as soon as the buyer confirms the delivery. It’s that simple!


Contender and Future Plans

Soddler does not have a direct competitor. However, People are accustomed to post classified ads on websites like ebay or craigslist and so on. Those website are either bothersome to work with or too expensive. At times, the sale not integrated with the transaction.

Soddler is the ultimate choice to make to have a hassle free buying.

The primary focus is France Market as of now. Soddler will also be available in Europe and in the US.

The Targeted users

The users, brand, artists, big and small shops, makers, DIYers and their friends, families anyone with a product to buy and sell are the user of Soddler.

Capitalizing It

Publishing a product on Soddler is free. When a sale is closed, Soddler will bill a small amount to the seller for each sale. That’s it, No premium, no ads!

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