SRVD: Now Your Website Won’t Look the Same to Everyone!

The quest to make websites more than just the digital extension of printed media accelerated with Web 2.0 technologies. The static content of HTML and CSS became more interactive and dynamic with the infusion of AJAX and JavaScript libraries. And while the Web 3.0 era of cloud computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence gains foothold, current technology is reaching maturity which brings exciting new developments. It is not just about single page application (SPA) goodness anymore; the hot keyword is now personalization.

Changing the content of your site dynamically for a user can lead to better and repeat engagement. Big companies with vast developer resources personalize their products extensively using complex back-end algorithms. IP spidering and pervasive cookies that can target an individual on many parameters like past searches and related social activities. For everyone else, who need simple front-end based tweaks that can still make a visitor feel special, there is SRVD (read served).


Matt Byrom loves technology and business. He has created – apart from SRVD – one of the leading animated explainer video maker service called Wyzowl and another startup called 4040 Media. He has mostly worked with marketing and creative professionals so his software solutions are geared towards them as well.

SRVD serves the non-coding crowd by giving them the ability to change text, images and other content on a website dynamically for each individual visitor without having to write a single line of code. The parameters it offers for tweaking covers a small yet significant portion of what the technology of website personalization allows and the fact that it is made available as a visual tool is pretty impressive. You can change the client facing elements (no server side tweaking) based on location, platform (OS and device), browser, screen size, language and date. So imagine seeing different pricing for different countries or different file download option for different operating system/browser — all possible with few clicks.

Apart from simplifying what would otherwise be a code heavy task for designers and marketers, SRVD also provides analytics to show which content versions have been shown and when – something which even seasoned developers can appreciate in a rapid prototyping/front-end only setup.

SRVD is currently based on a SAAS subscription model with all the features available to every customer. The pricing varies with the number of times (impressions) they serve content on your website. For example, if you have 1 personalization parameter on a page and it gets 100 page views that’s 100 impressions.

Visit their website for more details.

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