Viaduct Is The Hosting Platform For Your Websites!

Viaduct, a hosting platform allows the blooming start-ups and developers to easily deploy their Ruby, Python, PHP or Node.js applications without worrying about provisioning, managing or upgrading their own servers. Viaduct has a wide range of enterprise-level databases for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo and more.

Adam Cooke is the mastermind behind Viaduct. The team includes efficient developers and system admins with the skills on deploying virtualization technologies and creating easy-to-use web interfaces. The hosting tool is part of the a Tech Media group who are also responsible for a number of other successful web apps including Codebase (, Deploy ( and Sirportly. (


Viaduct, the deploying is the saviour for most developers who want to focus on their code and do not want to be worried about servers – specifically managing them and upgrading them. The developers’ just need to provide with the codes and rest is taken care by the viaduct team. The start-up monitors the apps and ensures they are online with security updates.

Heroku offers a similar end-product but at a much higher price. However, Viaduct has its own hardware & infrastructure so the price charged by viaduct is affordable.

 “We’re currently expanding our “app store” which allows people to deploy open source apps like WordPress or Ghost by just clicking a few things,” revealed Adam.

Viaduct provides a free tier, which allows you to host small apps free of charge. After that, it’s simply billed based on the resource you use. View its full pricing at

Readers, use the coupon code ‘STARTUPDOPE’ to avail an offer of an extra £10 per month free credit for 6 months.

To know more about it, checkout the website:

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