Amazing new way for keeping track of things you love. Time to think Picks

Welcome to the new age of smart to-do lists! It was about time someone decided to shake things up in this realm. You can forget about a measly piece of paper with some chores scribbled all over, and embrace the optimized list of things you’ll actually enjoy doing.

Picks combines all those things that put a smile on your face and keeps them under your fingertips. Whether it’s a movie you really want to watch, a new song, or that new pasta you just have to order, Picks will be there to make that light bulb go flash in just the right moment.

It simply loves the same things you do.


The team behind the curtain

Entrepreneurs Joe Fabisevich and Natalia Aranguren are the dynamic duo that poured its soul into this project. Picks is born as a reflection of their own needs, and in turn, the needs of everyone.

Joe is more of a handyman here, starting his app building carrier with the rise of the original iPhone. Natalia is a dash of art in everything they do, using her art school background along the way. She’s also a server-side developer for years now, and she can hold her own in the big leagues.

The grand reveal!

You know how they say we’ve turned from human beings into human doings?

All to-do lists are basically the same, right? Be it on our phones, pads, or a simple piece of paper, a to-do list just reminds us of some things we need to do… WRONG!!! Picks reminds us of things we LIKE to do.

And it doesn’t even stop there. No sir. It also has a very smart functionality to help you make a decision on what you really want to do.

Birth of the idea

It all came from a simple desire to keep track of movies the founders wanted to see. It later developed to allow for recommendations to your friends.

Before they knew it, they wanted to recommend a restaurant or send an album… It is from those desires and needs that Picks as we have it today was born. Real needs of real people.

Reasoning behind Picks?

To-do lists have always consisted of just words. There were some additions over time such as note fields and items priority, but that doesn’t really do much if you want to keep a list of movies you want to watch, albums you want to listen to, restaurants you want to visit and so on…

New summer blockbuster is out?! We’ll show you the trailer. You’ve heard of a great new Italian place downtown? Here’s the menu. New episode of your favorite podcast is out? Would you be amazed if you could download it without so much as leaving the app?

The ultimate goal

Simply to think Picks when you want to do something you’ll enjoy, or want to recommend your friends something they might like.


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