Live the Epics at ‘Stuffistry’

There is a story behind every possession (something that belongs to you). Be it your first car or those incredible gadgets, their memories are bounded till infinity.

Stuffistry immortalizes the touchy moments one has with his/her belongings. Stuffistry brings into play the timelines to narrate the detailed stories of our priced possessions. As it builds those stories, one splendid moment at a time, it manifests a reputation of our assets. Stuffistry is like a carfax that you control, for all the things that make our life worth relishing.

The specialized and collective data on things, that prepares a reputation scores. Some people compare and pick the best one. The others are passionate about designing awesome user experiences that keep users wanting to come back to continuing building amazing stories. Some are fanatic about the need to ensure privacy, whereas others share stories to spread knowledge and facilitate sharing. Stuffistry is just the choice.

Now that’s, obligating!


The Cofounders and their thought provoking idea.

Filipe Pinto and Fisnik Shpuza are master minds of Stuffistry.
“At Stuffistry we believe all things have a story. To us, that story begins when the product is first created up until the day it’s disposed off or recycled. The more complete and detailed that story is, the more valuable things become.”

In late 2012 Fisnik’s wife was expecting a child. Fisnik realized the need of a bigger car. He couldn’t risk buying an unsafe (second hand) car. He wanted an SUV. Then he invested a couple of months scanning the reviews, consumer reports, and testing driving cars. “It was a hopeless experience”.
In 2013, one summer afternoon, Filipe and Fisnik discussed about car shopping nightmares (flaws), over coffee. Shouldn’t it be possible to reach out to those people and ask specific questions about their experiences, without compromising their privacy?

The moment was an eye opener; they realized that, it made a perfect sense for Stuffistry to evolve out. It was undeniable for people to write the stories about their things; their experiences could be compiled and offered in the forum. It is indeed Stuffistry (Stuff + Registry).


Breakthrough Challenges

The impediments while building the complex Stuffistry ecosystem were enormously tough. However, the solution loomed out in due course. It is currently a private beta edition, to prove its magnitude in the market.

“We are also working with our partners like, to get access to sensor data. Sooner, the adopters will open path to bring on board the visionaries”.

Why Stuffistry?

It is an easy platform with organized information and well-defined experiences to learn from. Most of us use our things every day but somehow, we fail to answer crudes things about them. Like, how much did we pay for it?
What did we feel on that day? What parts did we replace on the last maintenance? What was the last accessory we upgraded? When we need to sell or service things, we wonder.

With Stuffistry people use a personalized timelines to track their experiences, their emotions, and all sorts of information like receipts, emissions tests, etc. Users can also share the timelines with business and upload relevant data.


“In the car market we compete with However there is no direct competition”.

Planning for Heights

“Presently the focus is on things with an engine. The objectives is to eventually be able to focus on everything, from works of art, passing thought stamps, to mission-critical machines that ensure that entire cities are protected from the rising sea waters”stated by Filipe Pinto.



Growth is the prime focus now. The data stream is very rich. It combines something unique; “what things do” with “what people feel”. The manufacturers, services providers, and other business persons would be benefited by this information. “We will be deriving a business plan that ensures the profitability of our investors and the sustainability of the ecosystem”. -Filipe Pinto


With exclusive features, this one is surely worth exploring!

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