Relax & Unwind With Sunny!

Amid our crazy schedule and fast paced lifestyle, it is getting really hard to catch a break. Our stress levels are at an all time high and we are becoming easy victims to various health problems. To ensure that we do not succumb to such fatalities of modern day life, we need to relax and unwind for our own well-being.

To help you do just that, we introduce to you Sunny. Soon to hit your app store, Sunny is an innovative relaxation app that gives you wonderful stories and nature soundtracks. To experience complete serenity and bliss, all you need to do is download the app and plug in your headphone. Let the sound of the ocean wash away your stress!

Relax & Unwind With Sunny!

Meet the Genius Behind Sunny!

This app was conceptualized and founded by Franz Bruckhoff.

Franz is based out of Hannover, Germany. He is an imagineer with a deep desire to improve people’s lives through better design and pay attention to detail in the health and fitness sector.

“For Sunny, I teamed up with environmental star-illustrator Marie Beschorner, award-winning composer David Bawiec from Hollywood, and the amazing Stockholm-based story artist Vira Haglund. My friend, Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist Gordon Hempton, provided invaluable advice on nature sound recording, which helped raise the bar with Sunny. We made sure Sunny looks, sounds and feels amazing”, says Franz.

Know Sunny Up Close & Personal!

Sunny is an innovative relaxation app for iPhone and iPad. This app combines calming beaches recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphones with beautiful illustrated 3D parallax scenes. With a wonderful story and a nature sound mixer, Sunny helps you relax regularly to improve your health and productivity. That’s not all; this app also keeps track of your relaxation sessions by reading your average heart rate from HealthKit.

The Problem Sunny is Solving!

For most people in modern civilization, life is stressful. We often forget to relax, and is it is becoming increasingly hard to form a good habit.

Well Sunny helps us to unwind so that we stay healthy and productive. This app tracks our relax sessions, optionally reminds us, and encourages us through positive reinforcement. For instance, Sunny rewards us with sunrays, and these rewards increase dramatically when we relax regularly. Sunrays unlock new beautiful beaches, which helps Sunny stay interesting over longer periods of time. Also, it is a very unique app. The stereoscopic 3D audio in Sunny makes us feel the waves, birds and rain all around us, rather than just in our head.

The Inspiration Behind It All!

“Sunny is a sequel to my other successful startup Windy (, which is among Apple’s Best of 2014 in several countries. Both Windy and Sunny play in the same story world. There is a scene in Windy where she sees a boat sailing towards an island in the distance. This boat and the beaches around that island are the essence of Sunny”, says Franz.

Relax & Unwind With Sunny!

On Challenges Faced

Like most start-ups, even Franz’s biggest hurdle was to find great people to help him with the workload. Although he is a pro at software development, design, 3D art, sound design, web development and marketing, it was becoming challenging for his to deliver the best results in all these fields at once. Therefore he has always emphasized the importance of collaboration with amazingly talented people.

With Sunny, Franz wanted to raise the bar for how he used to present things online, and decided to bring one of the 3D parallax scene online in simplified form. The biggest challenge here was that it took him over a year to find a great JavaScript developer who was able to fix a bug in a library that nobody else was able to fix.

On Potential Competitors

Any app that is in the mobile Health & Fitness category with a rating of 4 stars or is better in average is likely to be Sunny’s potential competitor.

Nevertheless, while there are thousands of relaxation apps, the vast majority of them suffer from mediocre audio quality and user interfaces. Sunny is a $100,000 budget, high quality relaxation app that took almost one year to create.

On Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More

“My long-term goal is to create the Disney/Pixar of Health & Fitness and make as many people happy as possible. Finding talented people and developing an efficient production pipeline is my top priority right now”, says Franz.

Presently, Sunny is mainly targeted at anyone and everyone that wants to have a relaxed and stress free lifestyle.

When it comes to monetizing, Sunny is a premium app. Users can get access to extra beaches through regular relaxation, or access all beaches instantly via a one time in-app purchase.

Getting the Word Out!

“Nearly one million customers of my previous Health & Fitness startups will get notified about the launch. They know from my past releases that we strive for excellence, which is a great incentive to check Sunny out. This is where a relentless focus on innovation and quality pays off”, says Franz.

To perfectly sum everything up, Sunny is soon going to be here to help you catch that much needed relaxation break in your otherwise stressful life. All you will have to do is download the app on your iPhone or iPad and plug in your headphones to be instantly transported to this serene paradise.

Also, to stay informed on their launch date and to know more details about the app, do make it a point to visit:

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