Fiscals And Taxation Made Easy For Freelancers By TAXO’D

Financial year, credit, debit, tax refund and double taxation agreement we bet all these terms are alien to you. If not, then you sure as hell know how to manage your taxes and finances. But what about all those clueless souls out there? Filing taxes is not an option, it is a mandate and whether you like it or not you have to know a thing or two about it.

Well the good news is that you no longer have to cramp through financial or tax jargons anymore. All you need is to get TAXO’D! It is an expert that takes off this gigantic burden of you. So breathe easy, sit back and relax! Let TAXO’D your very own expert do the work for you.

It not only files tax returns for you but also records and manages the business transaction. TAXO’D is simple, fast, cheap and exclusively for the freelancers and self employed,so it lets them focus on what they love doing best. And relieves you from the tax-bill anxiety!

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Meet Dave Legion

Dave Legion is the sole founder of TAXO’D. He started his artistic career by making musical videos (from concept to filming, post-production and completion).This eventually evolved into starting a small record label. In 2009, David started freelancing as a Web / UI and UX designer, branding, illustrator and animator and involved in many personal projects.

Dave is currently focussing on TAXO’D. His team includes a tax experts from a HMRC background and Words Man who takes care of copywriting and interacting with customers. It was Dave’s self-realization and struggle for tax return while freelancing that drove him to discover the way out.

“I knew absolutely nothing about managing my own business finances. As I dug deeper into world of tax the more confused and frustrated I became. HMRC had all the answers. They were just hidden in an inception of links and endless seas of jargon-laden text.”

A Mitigating App

It is a hard-hit for a freelancer to match up with sudden responsibilities of finance and taxation. The accountancy services do cater for the self-employed, but these services are designed to serve small to large businesses. This means that their service, price, and crucially their software forces freelancers to fit into their way of working.

TAXO’D is different! It has been designed to serve only the self-employed. It only focuses on relevant, essential options and information that concerns the user. No previous accountancy knowledge required. The complex calculation runs in the background insulating the user-friendly interface.


There has been an overwhelming amount of interest from all over the globe, which really shows this is a shared frustration the world over. It makes perfect sense to look at the tax systems overseas with a view to rolling out further versions to help independent heroes all over the world.

For The Users

TAXO’D will be free to use across all platforms. Users will only pay a one-off fee if they decide to file via the app itself. “We want to give our users the freedom to choose what best suits them and to not tie them down with yet another monthly direct debit”.

If however, you are satisfied with your accountant, then you can simply download your data for a small fee.

‘Startup Dope Readers’, get over to and register. There will be early discounts for BETA testers.


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