The New ‘Blynk’ App Is Here To Panache You!

Style is knowing who you are, what to wear and how to wear”. Having a personal stylist is star-like. The in-fashion Blynk app can really gleam your persona and make you feel imperial.Blynk is your private pocket fashionista!

It picks your style through artificial intelligence, and endorses the apt outfits for you to shop. Just swipe right to like the option and swipe left to dislike.

We are always confused while selecting the attires for ceremonies but now Blynk renders help to choose the best of apparels for every occasions. It edifies you on how to wear different trends, and connect you with others who have similar fashion tastes.


From the Co-founders

Jaclyn Ling the CEO of Blynk has a prevailing taste of fashion since ever. “I went from wanting to wear dresses everyday in pre-school, to wearing tinted prescription glasses in high school, to creating a fashion Youtube channel that has near 1 million video views in university, to creating Blynk post-university”.

Shums Kassam- CTO is a developer as well as business developer. The story behind teaming up the company is indeed a different one it started with one “life-changing” shopping trip, then rising to the top in the Next 36 incubator program, to now being a finalist for a Techvibes Startup Award for 2014.


Jaclyn’s quoted:
“Shums was the biggest project I came across in years. I sensed his desperate need of guidance when I saw his closet full of graphic tees and ragged jeans. I tricked him to going shopping with me, when in actuality, its sole purpose was to make him somewhat presentable if we were going to do business together. We took a 4 hour shopping trip, and spent $400. I spent time teaching him how to wear each item and for what occasion. I’m proud to say that today, people go to Shums for fashion advice”.

Shums’ quoted:
“Prior to meeting Jaclyn, I didn’t know the difference between a cardigan and a sweater. Upon meeting her, my lack of fashion interest was hard for Jaclyn to deal with – so I was coerced into going shopping with her. After changing my style, my confidence increased and I found value in dressing and presenting myself better – something my engineering education didn’t teach me. I began to see value in getting styled by a fashionable friend, which inspired us to replicate that experience in an app”.


Why use Blynk?

Every year we come across many “must attend ceremonies”, be it a date, wedding or funeral it is necessary to know how to dress for every such occasions.

There is not a reliable, consistent or personal resource out there that provides a free service to answer this question for any occasion, for any style type. Blynk is an integrated app that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn your style. It suggests and inspires you to wear outfits that serves your personality. A free, easy and simple resource to remodel your being!

Challengers in Market

Polyvore- a web platform for style curators. However, there is no recommendation system built within the platform. Pinterest is excellent for providing fashion content, however a person is not able to search a specific occasion type without getting inconsistent and impersonal content as a result.Blynk integrates both!


Blynk’s vision is to collaborate simulated machine intelligence and the human touch to be a personal stylist. The app is soon expected to have refined algorithms  to enrich its user interface for users to enjoy every outfit recommendation they receive on Blynk. It is also pushing forward upon building its content to gain a larger international reach.

The Monetizing Schemes

Native advertisement- Blynk will build brand pages and create outfits with the brand’s apparel to recommend to users. It receives millions of “outfit swipes” each month, and each of these impressions is a way for it to monetize from a retailer or brand.

Blynk brings glamor and fashion at your feet. So get going to glisten your charm for the party tonight!

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