‘Unfade’ app comes handy when you need to rescue old photos and go digital.

If you are looking to rescue your long-lost analog photos in your shoebox or if you just want to free up space in that cluttered attic, you should go into the app store and pick up Unfade app into your app collection!

Christoph Wagner built his app Unfade from the bottom up. Unfade, a German company which was launched on May 24th, 2016, specializes in digitizing old photos and improving their overall visual quality. The idea of this start-up originated from Wagner’s deep expertise in computer vision.


This allowed Wagner to create the first computer vision space app, Scanbot, which currently has over 4 million downloads worldwide. As Wagner transitioned into founding his own app, he encountered many unique challenges.

One of the biggest hurdles was that the App Store was not designed for “fix early and often” development, which refers to the inability of the App Store to properly displays fixes immediately; it, on average, took a day for fixes to take effect.

However, despite these early problems, the app is easy to use, and it is well priced compared to other apps. Interestingly, the app, which is currently funded, integrates the written code in Swift, except for code in the edge detection, which is integrated in Objective C to work with OpenCV.

While very successful, Unfade faces competition from Photomyne, another app that improves the quality of old analog photos. As user continue to update their mobile devices and computers, the demand of applications to be able to update old analog photos on older devices, 2000’s or older, will continue to grow. As Unfade grows, there will be more users and more startups will start to sprout.

This all comes from the vision of Christoph Wagner, who realized the dream and made it reality. The continuing vision and growth for Unfade is rapid iteration based on user feedback and adding additional functionality. In addition, there are future plans for a paid app, even though there might be pushback with users not wanting to pay money, but the benefits of the Unfade App will push consumers to invest money into the app.

Unfade is a launching pad into future endeavors and you should get in hands on it.

You can see Wagner’s vision here: www.unfade.io or

download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1096568238

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