The WOLO Life Reminder: Because sometimes we all need a reminder.

“It’s not about counting the seconds, but it’s about the seconds that count”

Are you holding back expressing your true feelings to the one you love? Are you stuck in a mundane job you hate? When was the last time you visited your parents? Have you put off spending time with your children? If any of your answer to the above leaves much to be desired, and you yearn a shot in the arm, fret no more. Enter WOLO Life Reminder. An innovative visual timer that reminds you just how much time you have left to live.

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Simply key in the basic information such as your date of birth and country of origin. The WOLO Life Reminder waste no time in displaying your golden years in seconds, which are rapidly ticking away. As the creator of the WOLO Life Reminder says: “It’s like watching someone take all your money and burn it dollar by dollar.” What better way to spur yourself to make the full use of your life than seeing your life disappear second by second, never to return?

To turn desperation into motivation, the WOLO Life Reminder allows you to track up to 3 upcoming events, such as anniversary, graduation, or simply that long-awaited summer vacation. These will be counted down in days, allowing you to make the most of time. The reason we hold back or put off important things is because “most of us do not have an idea where all our time goes”, says the creators of the WOLO Life Reminder. “By putting seconds to the months and years we have, we hope that it allows people a better handle on time.”Even if we have a billion seconds, there will come a time when only a few seconds remain. If looking at an impassive, unblinking deathclock does not spring you to action, i don’t know what will.


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