‘The Social Travel’- Join Your Friends On The Voyage!

The Social Travel is merging the social verves with excavating travels. Now the much-awaited journey to meet friends is way easier and cheaper. The start-up offers the best travel solutions for meet friends via current social drive, Facebook.

It is a simplified interface, after the login, a world map is generated with all pictures of friend users placed in their locations and the prices of the tickets to meet them. The Social Travel will suggest the best means of transport, best date and price for visit your friends.


Meet The Prodigies!

The Social Travel is contemplated by Maurizio Parrino, Andrea Scalogna and Riccardo Parrino.

Maurizio has 25 years of experiences in R&D, departments of Aerospace and Automotive). He was also a CEO at Denso Thermal Systems Pune, India for 7 years and has authored books on VoIP, Local Area Network and computer Virtualization.

Andrea holds bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and master degree in Mechatronics Enginnering at the Politecnico, Turin. The scholar has gained experiences abroad in UK, Germany and India.

Riccardo, digital & virtual designer at the IED of Turin, master at the Big Rock Training Center of Treviso in 3D. The entrepreneur has collaborated with Delta3 and customer as UEFA fo Champions League, Europa League, DreamWorks PDI, Vodafone and Robe di Kappa.

How Did it Come Alive?

The Social Travel was born out of the travelling inspiration! In July 2014, The Social Travel started its journey of accomplishments. The ideologies were simple yet applicable, to leverage on social ties via Facebook to arrange travel services.


The travel apps do not facilitate with travel planning according to friends’ locations. TST is not a travel platform, rather a sole interface that rapt the friends and journeys. The site finds tour friends and by them, you can reach the places.

The Contenders In The Market

The most important competitor is ‘Momondo’ with function Compass, they give the possibility to find friend using a compass and the name of the city where they live. ‘Connect’, the app give the possibility to see a map with all friends and some information regarding their profile. Nevertheless, TST gives you travel search information.

Ongoing Evolutions On TST

The Social Travel is escalating considerably all thanks to social media power. The TST team is working hard on adding new functionalities, which will give the interface attraction and strength. At the same time, it is possible to add this functionality into Facebook or other social network or in a big travel engine like as Skyscanner, TST is in partnership with.


“Thanks to the partnership with Skyscanner we can cover the entire World, but for giving a complete service we need partnership with train companies and so we are starting inside Europe.” quoted by the founders.

Skyscanner pay TST for exit click and Bla Bla Car for every new user.  About trains, it is the work on progress.

Readers do not forget to try the private version of the platform and follow latest updates before the official launch.

To know more, checkout the website: http://beta.thesocialtravel.co/

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