Burger Dispatch Brings Lip-Smacking Burgers To Your Doorstep!

Calling all burger junkies! If you are someone who loves to eat those juicy, finger licking and scrumptious cheesy patty between beautifully baked buns, then this app is your means to get that foodgasm whenever you desire.

Folks… we introduce to you Burger Dispatch! This app surely is a blessing in disguise to all you burger lovers out there. It is here for just one and only reason and that is delivering a sinful indulgence from your favorite burger joint.

Burger Dispatch Brings Lip-Smacking Burgers To Your Doorstep!

Meet The Power Team That Made It Happen!

Ideated and co-founded by Saphire Sumpter and Satoria Sumpter, Burger Dispatch is here to make your taste buds and tummy happy.

Regardless of whom you are or what you do–everyone loves to eat. It’s the only way to really explain how these two vegetarians ended up founding a burger delivery service. The duo wanted to take their love for eat burgers and start a neat business around it.

Know The App Better!

Burger Dispatch is all about burgers and fries. The best ones in your area are delivered to your door in under an hour. Currently based in Alpharetta, GA; delivery is available from Five Guys, Smashburger, BurgerFi, Ted’s Montana Grill and Bocado Burger.

The Driving Force!

“We were hungry and unmoved at the thought of ordering another pizza. We’d also fallen for a new local burger joint. They had managed to put together an unbelievable veggie delight and we found ourselves wishing they delivered. After about the eighth wish, we decided to just do it”, says the team.

Burger Dispatch Brings Lip-Smacking Burgers To Your Doorstep!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Like most startups, getting the word out and creating awareness about the app was the team’s greatest challenge.

In terms of competition, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and other pizza joints do pose as potential competitors. This is because people are so accustomed to ordering pizza that no one thinks to search for burger delivery.

On The Road Ahead, Target Audience & More

“Starting Burger Dispatch in Alpharetta, GA has helped us to realize the true void of unique startups in suburban areas. A big city often has one type of food delivery service or another. We’d like to expand Burger Dispatch to suburbs across the US”, says the duo.

Currently, the app is mainly targeted towards foodies aged from 25 to 40 and residing in Alpharetta, GA. Also, Burger Dispatch generates revenue via a delivery fee of $7.00 plus $0.50 per mile.

To perfectly sum it all, with this app you are just a click away from getting your favorite burger delivered right at your doorstep.

Psst… Special Offer For Our Readers!

The team was kind enough to leave our readers with some really cool offer. If you’re in the Alpharetta area, use code STARTUPDOPE and receive $1.00 off on your first order.

To know more about the app, do visit: www.burgerdispatch.com

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