Tip’d Off Lets You Invest With Confidence!

The financial market is often perceived to be an ocean infested with man eating sharks. Well with the recent recession, we do not blame people for thinking this way. The stakes are generally high and folks with no appetite for risks generally stay the hell away from anything that reads ‘financial investment’. We guess, more people would love to bear the forbidden fruit of investment if only there knew how to dodge the tides of risks that threatened to wash away all their hard earned money.

Well we come with some good news. There is an application that gives you all the benefits of the investment world by helping you make more informed decisions. Folks, we introduce you to Tip’d Off! This is the ultimate social investing platform where peers can help you invest in the stock market. Tip’d Off extracts and shares market movements from users who allow this app to work with their brokerages. With this platform we assure you that you will get to learn the tricks of the trade from savvy investors.

Tip'd Off Lets You Invest With Confidence!

Meet The Geniuses Behind It All!

Ideated and co-founded by Akshay Oberai, Rahul Sethuram and Koosh Saxena, TipdOff is your social investing platform helps you make sound financial decisions.

Akshay Oberai is the co-founder and CEO of Tip’d Off. Before starting this, he worked in business development at the cyber security company called Norse Corporation, where he was instrumental in securing major accounts including Discover. While in college, Akshay founded two startups, Software Plantation at 21 and Skiodo at 19. Software Plantation successfully became the virtual software organization for Pranalytica, the world-leading designer and manufacturer of High Power Midwave Infrared and Longwave Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers for defense and homeland security. Akshay graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in business administration and political science.

Ankush “Koosh” Saxena is co-founder and CTO. In this role, he establishes the company’s long-term technical and product vision while leading all aspects of the overall architecture and implementation of the platform. Prior to TipdOff, Koosh worked at Lockheed Martin, the Stanford Linear Accelerator and founded Intreeka, an education-based startup. He holds a master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.

Rahul Sethuram is co-founder and COO. His responsibilities include defining the long-term vision of the product and company, managing aggressive product development deadlines, supporting the technical side during product/company sales opportunities, and full-stack application development. Prior to founding Tip’d Off, he worked at Tesla Motors as a software engineer starting in 2010 as a lead member of the team and was responsible for much of the growth and success of his group within the organization. He graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering in 2010.

Tip'd Off Lets You Invest With Confidence!

The X-Factor!

Tip’d Off is an online financial social network that connects individual investors and enables real-time access to stock tips, trades and advice from trusted friends and proven experts.

The problem is many folks are absolutely petrified to invest their hard earned moolah in the market. We do not blame them. With the millennial generation witnessing one of the greatest financial crashes in history, it is not surprising that they shy away from investing in the stock market, much as their grandparents did following the Great Depression. Since investing isn’t taught in schools, many younger people are naturally afraid and don’t understand the importance of investing early until they’ve already squandered the biggest advantage they have i.e. time.

Tip’d Off is all about letting you bear the fruits of the investment and finance world by making sound and informed decisions. This solution is beautiful because it is:

Learn by following reputable investors and peers and receive real-time notifications about tips and trades in your network. You can use the simulated trading platform to learn and test new strategies without risking a cent.

Socially Engaging
Tip’d Off delivers an interactive social layer that allows users to vet different investment ideas and strategies in a collaborative environment that is familiar.

Tip’d Off combines transparency with bank-level security to ensure the validity of aggregated trades and information being exchanged on the site.

The Driving Force!

“I’ve been investing since I was 16 years old. As I’ve met people throughout my schooling and career who were interested in investing, I circulated a spreadsheet filled with my holdings, watchlist and previous trades. Eventually, Akshay and Rahul reached out to me for investment advice, and I directed them to this spreadsheet to help educate them before they risked any real money. Together we decided that a platform should exist where investors of all experience levels can transparently share trades and advice”, says Koosh.

Tip'd Off Lets You Invest With Confidence!

On Road Blocks & Contenders!

Unfortunately, today’s folks have witnessed a failure to stem the worst financial crisis in decades, causing them to lose trust in financial institutions, banks and even the government. Thus the team’s biggest hurdle was convincing millennials that investing is worthwhile.

In terms of competition, eToro and Openfolio are the nearest competitors. While they both provide the ability to view portfolios, EToro is targeted at advanced traders, and Openfolio is targeted at people who already have portfolios. Neither is really “social” or focused at educating people about investing.

On The Journey Ahead & Intended Users!

With whatever we know of the team, they sure as hell are a bunch of visionaries that are heading towards a killer future. As the company progresses, Tip’d Off plans to build proprietary APIs to allow people to access information from their brokerage accounts. The team also wants to generate intelligent metrics and analytics from users’ behavior and trading activity, add gamification features and want to attract financially reward savvy investors with an influential reputation. Further, for them only the sky is the limit. They soon hope to venture into international markets.

At the moment, Tip’d Off is mainly targeted at everyone aged from 16 to 40 years. In short, this platform is from those who check the market regularly to those who think a “spread” is only something found on a bagel. Tip’d Off is for investors of all experience levels.

Monetizing Model!

The service is currently free for all users. In the future, the team plans to implement a freemium model, which will provide subscribers with a premium feature set.

To sum up things perfectly, Tip’d Off is here to change the way people perceive the financial market and encourages them to invest by backing them up with a network that gives them reliable and sound financial advices.

For more details, do make it a point to visit: www.tipdoff.com

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