Top 7 essential courses for Founders in the tech business

Whether you’re a tech or a non-tech founder running a tech-powered business, these Top 7 courses can help you navigate and run your business smoothly.

We picked some of the best courses available across different platforms. Before signing up for a course, make sure it’s relevant to your business.

1. Communicating and Working with Engineers – Bridging the Gap ( Signup here )

If you have ever asked yourself any of those questions, take into account the possibility that the issue may not lie with your engineers themselves, but rather with the way you interact with them.

To increase the productivity and morale of technical teams, managers, project managers, and anybody else who relies on them must grasp how engineers think differently and how to communicate with them.

2. HubSpot for Beginners – Learn HubSpot in less than 4 hours! ( Check Here )
Hubspot is one of the best CRM suites available. If you’re struggling to get a hang of how to use the platform optimally, look no further, this crash course can get you started.

The four-hour course teaches you to set up everything from scratch while being relevant to your business.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Locate and identify features on the HubSpot dashboard
  • Store information about your contacts by using HubSpot properties (the most important element in your CRM)
  • Add contacts to the HubSpot CRM by using different methods (manual, list imports, lead capture with forms, etc)
  • Customize your HubSpot CRM
  • Work with different HubSpot Objects & Associations
  • Create and optimize HubSpot forms and embed them into your website
  • Use filtered views and HubSpot Lists to find the information you need

Communicate with your contacts

  • Send 1-1 emails to contacts
  • Build email templates and Snippets to save time with customer outreach
  • Create personalized marketing emails
  • Create a meeting link to share with your customers

Organize & monitor your work and business performance

  • Get organized with HubSpot Tasks
  • Use Tickets to improve customer support processes
  • Create a Performance dashboard using HubSpot’s default templates
  • And… You will also have an overview of some advanced features such as workflows & sequences, social media scheduling, and SEO
  • Manage your HubSpot team account

You don’t need a paid HubSpot account for this course, but you need at least a free account. If you don´t have one yet, we will create an account together in the first section of the course.

3. Facebook Ads Mastery in 2023 ( Enroll here )

Facebook Ads have been there for a while and millions of businesses have been using it to their advantage by driving sales and traffic to their businesses. Facebook has however evolved it’s Ad platform and this course keeps you updated on relevant features and functionalities that the platform has introduced in the year 2023.
The course’s author has been in the agency business and they bring a wealth of experience to teach founders how to navigate the latest in Facebook ads.

Below is a list of strategies you’ll learn from them.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Complete Advertising Strategy Setup
  • 10 Ad Creative Strategies
  • 10 Posting Strategies
  • 6 Reach Strategies
  • Find Profitable Ads
  • Scale Profitable Ads
  • Automate Ads Testing
  • Build a Community

4. A Complete Marketing Automation course for Beginners ( Enroll Here )

In order to improve user experience and keep your business at the forefront of potential buyers’ minds, marketing automation is crucial.

However, a number of elements might make it fairly complex as well. When sales and click-throughs aren’t what you anticipated, we start to wonder:
” Are customers really seeing our product?”
– “Is there some flaw in the sales journey for the customer?”

The worst scenarios that can occur to you include creating random workflows that lack personalization, overusing promotional phrases, landing in your audience’s spam or promotional tab, and experiencing lower-than-expected CTR.

In this course, you will learn:

Email Marketing – Deliver valuable content straight to your audience’s inboxes

SMS Marketing – Reach your prospects on their mobile phones while they’re on the go

Conversion Ads Automation – Nurture your leads in real-time from the conversion ads campaigns

Why do you need Marketing Automation in Your Business?

360° Automation – By setting up automated email flows paired with chatbots and SMS to advance leads from stage to stage of your sales process and close more deals.

Transactional Emails – Sending automated emails triggered by user behavior to deliver valuable information to your customers at key moments of their journey (failed & successful payments).

Enhance Customer Satisfaction – Make every customer feel special with personalized messages and lightning-fast responses.

Say No To Repetitive Tasks – Using automation to keep time-consuming tasks on autopilot and get the time you need to focus on high-value work.

5. The “Best” Startup Pitch Deck – How To Raise Venture Capital ( Enroll Here )

This course is based on the “Best” Startup Investor Pitch Deck Methodology, which has been taught at top business schools and accelerators across the world and has become the #1 Startup Pitch Deck online. This method has been viewed and downloaded over 45,000 times.

The course’s creator, J. Skyler (Sky) Fernandes, is a top-ranked venture capitalist (a Powerlist 100 VC), an angel investor, a serial entrepreneur, an adviser to start-ups, and a frequent speaker on the subject of entrepreneurship at places like Harvard Business School, Wharton, New York University, the New York Stock Exchange, and he also gave the first venture capital-related TED Talk.

The information you’ll learn in this class is a compilation of some of the best pitch decks and advice from some of the best angel investors, venture capitalists, and business owners, as well as Sky’s own personal views and experiences.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to create an investment-worthy pitch deck.
  • Learn “investor” speak, the language that investors understand and answer objective questions that they usually ask founders.
  • Avoid common mistakes that beginners make and get turned down by investors.

6. Create a perfect pitch deck – Technology & Fintech startups ( Enroll here )
This course is specifically designed for entrepreneurs of Fintech startups. The pitch deck course by Agustin Rubini takes inspiration from other Fintech startups and highlights the key factors and metrics that investors look for while investing in financial product tech companies.
Though this doesn’t explicitly mention, founders running blockchain / Decentralized Finance ( DeFi )-powered startups can also take up this course.

At the end of the course, founders can:

– Create a winning pitch deck that highlights the key factors
– A pitch deck that resonates well with investors in the fintech segment.
– Anyone running an Agency that offers pitch deck creation services for Fintech founders can also sign up.

7. VC Due Diligence by Sramana Mitra ( Enroll here)

VC Due Diligence is an important part of the check-up list before you send your pitch deck anywhere. Sramana Mitra brings in her years of experience to teach founders what makes a Startup fundable.

Overall, Sramana has created the course based on the best practices used by VCs to choose and fund startups. She also has included sample pitches and feedback sessions within the community to help entrepreneurs. Her tips on doing due diligence could help you.

Through this course, you’ll learn:

  • To present data in your pitch that investors want to see.
  • How an Investor Thinks while you’re pitching your startup.
  • Why 99% of startups fail to get funding from Angels and VCs.
  • How to review your own startup’s goals, and organization from the investor’s viewpoint.
  • To differentiate what makes a pitch successful from the others.
  • To increase your chance of funding by Angel Investors and VCs.
  • Pre-pitch Mindset shift from being desperate to feel confident.