Top business ideas for women Entrepreneurs

Thinking about starting a new business? Women-owned businesses are on the rise, according to the Small Business Association, and are now the fastest-growing segment of new businesses all over the world.

Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom wanting to start a home-based business, a career-changer taking the plunge to entrepreneurship, or a nine-to-fiver simply looking for additional income, here are some business ideas to help you get started.

  1. Fashion Designing

Starting a business in the fashion industry is relatively easy compared to all the other industries. Fashion as such is an ever developing industry as it has something new to offer every day and one does not need a lot of money to start their venture. Social media could be one of the best platforms to start selling their initial products and once they have a good fan base it can go on to become something bigger. Once the online platform is a success you can actually think of starting your own boutique to establish successful fashion business.

  1. Jewellery Making

If you are following all the latest trends in fashion then it won’t be a tough task to start your own jewellery brand as fashion plays a vital role with the kind of jewellery you would want to wear along with your dress. All you need is to have knowledge about how to go about making your designs come true and also should do a lot of research on how to go about the business plan for your venture. Once a business plan has been established, the next step would be the getting a local supplier who would help you with the essential items required for your jewellery. The last and final step is the pricing of your items and then promoting them, again starting on a social media platform would be the best way to go about it.

  1. Tutoring

If you have the patience and want to help out the students to gain more knowledge, then this indeed is one of the best business ideas. The scheduling process for this could be very easy; you could take time out in the evening just for tutoring or even use Skype and make it an online tutoring class which could be available for everyone across the globe.


    4. Business Consulting

The most important task for you would be to solve all the issues, to spot problematic areas before they materialize and provide sound advice to help decision makers make wise business choices. One basic necessity would be that you should be an expert and know all the pros and cons of a particular field and have sufficient experience in that field in order to advice other businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and other organizations be a lot successful at what they do.

  1. Content Writing

Content Writing for a business is very much essential as it could be one of the reasons for the company to have a successful business in the market. The demand for people who are interested in this field is very high as every company is looking for professionals to help their businesses achieve greater heights.

  1. Social Media Manager

If you are a social media fanatic and know the pros and cons of this platform then becoming a manager or a consultant would not be such a bad idea after all. There is no doubt that social media presents an unprecedented marketing opportunity for businesses, but only if you know how to use it. The main goal is for you to help existing businesses integrate social media into the other marketing campaigns, so if you think you have the right knowledge then should go for it.

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