5 raging startups operated by the modern women

Potential ladies wondering about best small business to start and yearning to execute low cost business ideas, this article can be a basis of inspiration for you. It is assumed that women business ideas aren’t much effective as ideas generated in the heads of men; but it is clearly a misconception. Women in the past decade have taken several steps which are leading them in the big industry. They have not only made a place for themselves in the market but also affected the market drastically. Few of the women business ideas which have gained enormously fame are listed below.

  1. NastyGirl.com

Started in 2006, nastygirl.com was founded by Sophia Amoruso at the young age of 22. Nasty girl was titled the ‘fastest growing retailer’ in 2012 by INC Magazine and Sophie Amoruso, the CEO was called the ‘Cinderella of tech’ by the New York Times. This powerful women entrepreneur had initially launched an eBay store in San Francisco, where she sold vintage designer clothing but gradually ‘Nasty Girl Vintage’ store grew into a website. When this feminist started her Nasty Girl Vintage store, she used to style, photograph, caption and ship the products by herself but in a span of few years, she had hundreds of people working for her. From $223,000 in 2008, the revenue grew to almost $23 million in 2011. Sophie Amoruso, recently in 2014, debuted in her book ‘#GirlBoss’. Nasty girl has sold $100 million of clothing and accessories by 2014. Sophie Amoruso, after achieving all the success, stepped down from her position of the CEO recently in January’15.

nasty girl

  1. Eventbrite.com

Eventbrite was one of the unique business ideas which was thought of by Kevin Hartz, Renaud Visage and  Julia Hartz in 2006. This website is a platform where event organizers of 190 countries can meet their audience and sell tickets. Eventbrite a fast-growing ticket seller is now valued at about $350 million. Co-founder and president, Julia Hartz was a TV development executive at MTV and FX Networks before she founder ‘Eventbrite’ and became one of the most inspiring women entrepreneur. She has an extraordinary personality and is an outstanding orater who frequently speaks on live experiences, consumer trends, entrepreneurship and what business to start. She has been featured in magazines like Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg and Inc. Magazine. In 2014, she was honored as one of Inc.’s 35 under 35 and Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs in 2013.

  1. Limeroad.com

A very recent startup by another women entrepreneur is Limeroad. Limeroad is an Indian social-commerce platform targeted at women and offers products only for this fairer sex. It was launched in 2012 by Suchi Mukherjee, a London School of Economics graduate. Suchi is an ambitious women entrepreneur and has high targets for her website in the future. “We want to make Limeroad the most delightful brand in South East Asia and then extend that experience to other countries in the world,” is what she said in one of her recent interviews. Suchi was selected as 1 of 15 women worldwide ‘Rising Talents, high potential leaders under 40’. Her website has Alexa World Rank #5,560 and Google Page rank 3/10. Suchi was a part of the initial development of both Skype and Gumtree before she initiated her own webpage.


  1. Manta.com

Mentioned thrice in the ‘Top 100 Most Valuable Private Internet Companies’ list by Silicon Alley Insider, is Manta. Manta is an online scaffold for small businessmen to learn, discuss experiences, exchange advices, make connections and promote their business. Incorporated in 2005, Manta has raised $61 million in funding. All the success wouldn’t have been attained without Pamela Springer, the CEO of the website. Winner of ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Technology’11’ and ‘2013 Red Herring Top 100 Award’, Pamela Springer is one of the women entrepreneurs the world looks upon. What increases to her name and fame is her valuable experience in building great companies and making them reach to the expectation level of their customers and investors. She has invested in and been named CEO of Columbus based Mindset Digital LLC. Her deeds have set her apart from the other businessmen and women as she serves as a worthy source of inspiration to the entrepreneurs of the world.

  1. Yatra.com

Founded in 2006, Yatra is an Indian online travel agency. It became the second largest online travel website in 2012. It books flights, hotels, trains and buses for its users.  Yatra was founded by Dhruv Shringi, Manish Amin and Sabina Chopra. Sabina Chopra, the co-founder of this famous travel portal was heading the India operations of eBookers, Europe’s leading online travel company earlier. She has over 16 years of work experience and exclusive knowledge in operating startups.”Finding happiness in my work and making it a fulfilling experience for me and the people around me” is what she believes. A Bachelor of Arts has put a great contribution in the online world of planning trips. Her strengths are Operations and Delivery, Customer Care and Retention. She is a lady with an impressive personality and polished skills.


These were just a few out of the many women who have faced difficulties, criticism, and disapproval and still succeed. Their stories are sure to leave goose bumps and make an impact on you when you read about them. They are sure women to be looked upon. Kudos to them. If you too have unique business ideas and want to be a women entrepreneur, then startup women. Startup!

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