Top Live streaming software to setup your streaming business

Live streaming, a popular among sports maniacs is the technique of streaming live videos through the internet. The technique has been around since the late 1990’s but has achieved acclaimed success only in the recent years.  Be it a political event, a party, a seminar or just a high school game; with authorization to the mentioned website, live streaming enables anyone around the world to view or broadcast an event. Live streaming enables ad-free real time viewing and the only drawback with the system is that the videos can only be viewed but cannot be saved. In the recent years, several sports channels have taken to live streaming, enabling fans to view sports events ad-free and in real time.

How is live streaming different from Pay-per view?

Though the concept of live streaming sounds similar to pay-per views, they are both completely different from each other. Pay-per-view is a television only service where a service provider charges the viewer for viewing a telecast real-time. Live streaming on the contrary enables uninterrupted viewing for free.

Apart from the fact that live streaming allows ad-free viewing the added and best advantage is that as long as the viewer has access to the internet, the videos can be viewed anytime and at any part of the world.

With the recent acknowledgement live streaming has gained, many websites have taken to creating mobile live streaming software that can be used across all devices from computers and tablet computers to the simple smartphones that people always carry around.  A plenty of other live streaming apps have been created exclusively for broadcasting and viewing sports events worldwide. All live streaming apps though in every phone, belong to a third party who owns the app and runs the business.

An app with the above mentioned features is sure to provide the best appetite to any enthusiastic entrepreneur. With the revenue such an app could generate, not many developers look at earning revenue by selling the app script. And for a business provider using live streaming software regularly, paying a monthly income will become a hefty amount in the long run which might burn a hole in your budget.

The idea of having your very own live streaming software might and will provide the possible solution to this. And with a few app developing companies contributing to that, not being technologically strong enough to write the code for the necessary software shouldn’t be a matter of your concern.

Castasy and Wowza are two such companies that create live streaming software and customize it according to a business owner’s requirement.

Live Streaming Software - Castasy


Castasy is one upcoming live streaming software provider that is not restricted to a single operating system. The software will be available for access on all platforms i.e. as a website and application that runs on both iOS and Android. The company also provides the buyers with their very own streaming server and for a small installation fee, the techies at Castasy will install the system at your place. Castasy has the feature to notify twitter followers when the broadcaster starts streaming a video which saves the trouble of having to invite others to watch the video. Castasy allows viewers to comment on the ongoing video stream.

Castasy is set to be released on June 2015.  Buyers can set up the script on a streaming server and with customization to the script; start their own business, enabling app users to stream videos anywhere anytime.

Live Stream Mobile - Castasy


Wowza is another live streaming software provider that allows buyers to set up the scripts in their servers and start an app business. The software provides the feature of allowing the video broadcast in multiple servers. The company also provides buyers with a testing tool that permits buyers test their software before setting up a business.

Live streaming software business is a great technology advancement and has provided a lot many uses ever since its inception.

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