Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

Mobile apps are on the verse of world domination. There is an app for practically all kinds of services these days. With the onset of this new ear, comes the must have demand of having a mobile app for your business.

Well large organizations can cough up huge amounts of time and money required to build a mobile app that has amazing UI and UX. But what about us budding startups? We do not have those kinds of resources and privilege to develop an amazing app from scratch! However, what we do have is the ability to build one ourselves.

Our word of advice, listen to us and do not believe the fool who says that learning to develop a mind-blowing Android or iOS app is rocket science.

So calling all aspiring mobile developers, here is a list of top 10 sites wherein you can gain the no-longer-forbidden knowledge of mobile app development.

1., Inc

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

When it comes to online education courses,, Inc. is synonym to it. This online education company has over thousands of video courses in software to offer. Been teaching skills to people since, 1995, this company produces video tutorials taught by industry experts. By becoming a member with them you will have unlimited access to watch the videos that will teach you how to develop your very own awesome mobile app.


2.  Treehouse

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

Since 2011, this online interactive education platform has been offering coding enthusiasts with various courses in mobile app, web and business development. All its courses on mobile and web are aimed at beginners looking to start a new career while all the business courses are aimed at teaching students on how to start a business in the tech industry.  Treehouse uses short videos, code challenges, quizzes and badges located on the user profile to teach students. This site is so brilliant that some big companies like LivingSocial and Simple use it to recruit their new employees based in the badges earned by them.




This is one of the largest marketplaces for online learning. Experts and teachers in mobile app development can create courses and tutorials and offer the same to the public at no charges or at a tuition fee. Udema is geared more towards corporate trainers that are seeking to improve skill sets to their employees.


4.  Script Mode

This is that new kid on the block that is here to change the way you view online tutorials. Script Mode is out on a mission to not only school you on a particular technology but to also help you build a ground-breaking app like Whatsapp or Tinder. The beauty is that by the end of it you would’ve also learnt the technology in the process. That’s not all; this educational platform as taken a step further. Script Mode not only offers you with an impressive range of DIY tutorials but also offers you with the source codes. Tutorial range from $9 to $199 (limited offer), one can gain access to their impressive tutorials.


5.  Khan Academy

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

Started in 2006, this non-profit online educational platform provides you free world-class tutorials. On Khan Academy you will be able to find micro lectures in the form of YouTube videos. Even practice exercises and tools for educators are offered here. In short, this online learning platform provides you all the tutorials you need to become the most sort after developer.


6.  Codecademy

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

Want coding classes in seven different programming languages? Well then Codecademy is the place that provides it all. This is an online interactive platform that will give you access to courses that include Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery. With over 100 million exercise available, Codecademy has successfully managed to garner positive reviews from many websites and blogs like TechCrunch and New York Times.


7.  edX

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

This online learning platform was founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University and is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider. edX offers students and institutions a wide range of university-level courses in various disciplines and subjects with some offered at no charge. Also, there are currently more than 60 schools, nonprofits, corporations, and international organizations that offer or plan to offer courses on the edX website.


8.  Coursera

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

This is another online education platform that offers massive open online courses (MOOCs). Coursera is affiliated with over 114 institutions and it works with them to make some of their courses available online. Well the other exciting thing about this platform is that it also offers its students with verified courses appropriate for employment purposes.


9. Udacity

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

Yet another, massive open online course (MOOC) provider, Udacity is here to provide students with university style courses. That’s not all; this platform also offers vocational courses for professionals. At the end of a learning program the students receive a certificate of completion indicating their level of achievement. This is signed by the instructors, at absolutely no cost.


10. YouTube

Top 10 Sites To Learn Mobile App Development!

Well, well… Shocked to see YouTube on the list? We agree that YouTube is no coveted online educational platform. But we do agree with is that it is swamped with brilliant video tutorials that in detail take you through the course you desire to learn. Also, the videos on it are free and you have the option to subscribe to YouTube channels that offer awesome mobile app development courses.

To sum up things perfectly, with the above mentioned online educational platforms, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars in tuition fees to learn mobile app development. So sit back and relax, as your transformation from a novice mobile app developer to a seasoned one is just a click away.

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