UBER for X Vs. Uber Clone script. Which fits?

To start an on-demand business, you either need a Uber clone script or a Uber for x script. In this article lets at a few ready made ones available.

Smart Car Tech:

Being pioneers in this space, ‘Smart Car’ provides one of the best Uber clone scripts in the market. You can instantly start a Taxi business using this script. They also have a Uber for x script that can be used for other on-demand services like Laundry, Maid, Food delivery etc. Through the years, they also have very niche uber like scripts that can also be fitted into Car Rental and leasing businesses. The software this company provides comes with two Android and two IOS apps ( one for the passenger and one for the driver respectively ). Also they provide a sophisticated web version and an incredible Back end Dashboard. Using the Admin panel, you can control your entire taxi business end-to-end.

This Uber for X script also has features that can be opted for specific cities. The features can be easily turned on or off based on the requirement. For example, Airport drop being a complication in many cities, this Uber clone script has provisions to use this feature in a customized manner. Also this Uber script comes with corporate management facilities, so as a business you have other corporate’s also under you.

We all know UBER is a proven success model worldover. While UBER keeps performaing in its Ride-Sharing space, there is a profilaration in the UBER for X business model. A myriad of startup’s have already made it big in this new vertical. Media has been calling this the “UBER for X” category. Infact UBER itself has diversified into this UBER X category with its UBER eats food delivery service.

There are many businesses that have been started in this niche.For example: UBER for Grocery delivery, Washio: UBER for Laundry, Saucey: UBER for Alcohol delivery, Eaze: UBER for Marijuana, YourMechanic: UBER for Mechanics etc. ). So the question here is if a normal UBER clone will fit well to start a UBER for X business? While a normal Uber clone script will be fantastic to run a Taxi dispatch business, It would be better to have a customized version for each Uber for X business.

The base concept for the Uber for X business is definitly based on the first UBER taxi model. That is, enabling a user to instantly book a service whereever he is at that particular point of time. But if you try to employ the script specifically made for On-demand Taxi, it can break for some complex Uber for X business models.

For those of you who would be interested in learning how this UBER for X sprouted, here is a gist of the story:

Doing a bit of research, the term dates back to November 2011, when a small Bangalore based startup by name SMART CAR TECH, started making an UBER like turn-key product, using which any wanna-be Entrepreneur can start a UBER like Taxi app instantly. These folks soon saw that the business model on which UBER resides can be used for a variety of categories & started creating a Turn-key product for  each of the different categories. As they kept explaining the products to various potential customers, for ease of understanding they used the word “UBER for X“, where X can be substituted with any category ( Plumber, Maid service, Couriers, Private Jets, Pizza Delivery, Tech Support etc. ) & thus was coined the term!

As time passed by, many startups started raising under this model – many got heavily funded & many were an instant hit. Infact the UBER X startups became the darling of Venture capitalists & Tech media. Many tech blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable etc. started using the term “UBER for X” to categorize these startups.

Note: The UBER like model can be used for any category in the world, simply because the business model fits for any category ie. Basically UBER connects a service seeker ( Passenger ) with a service provider ( Car Driver ) instantly based on their location in real time – and this model works perfect for any category.

There are even wide talks that UBER itself is in plans to try out some of these categories itself for selected cities ( On April 2014 UBER tested out an UBER for Couriers in NYC and called it UBER-Rush ).

One of the biggest advantage On-demand concept Entrepreneurs had & still have is that a UBER like business model is a highly location based model – which means that, as one UBER for X model becomes a hit in a particular city, it can be replicated by someone else in a different city – in a different part of the world ( Eg: Instacart is a hit in San Francisco & anyone can start an Instacart model in their city as well ). So this creates zillions of possibilities for Entrepreneurs and startups to start an On-demand business idea for their locality. The web has already started to buzz with conversations on the different UBER like startups that have risen all across the world.

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