Why an UBER for X idea can potentially make you a millionaire? Seriously!

The sad thing is – Not many actually understand the TRUE POWER of the UBER for X business model. In fact, they have just heard the word, and instantly thought it to be something related to Ride Sharing & Taxi’s…

UBER for X is NOT about Taxi’s! …Then what is it?

To understand this, you should know the sweet spot below the business model on which UBER works. In layman terms, what UBER does is: It connects a service seeker with a service provider – instantly based on location.

Many online businesses before, have tried connecting a service seeker with a service provider ( Why, even Google does it ). But no-one in history has ever connected them in the way UBER does! Thanks to the enormous popularity of smart phones & apps, this connection is made at the exact moment the demand has risen for the service seeker & the best part is, he gets the service provider knocking his door the next moment – VOILA!

All UBER did was to apply this model to TAXI’s – and rest is history 🙂

( click on below image for full the info-graphic )

Now think… think of the list of categories this model can be applied on. Online businesses have been a big hit for the simple reason that it fetches things for people on a click. But with the help of smart phones + the UBER for X model – the entire speed of fetching things Online, got even more smarter and blazing fast! Think of those everyday needs…

– Mark needs food delivered within a few minutes, UBER for Food delivery : UBEREats Clone

– Kylie is watching a movie at home, she needs an Ice Cream : UBER for Ice Creams!

– Your car breaks down middle of a High way, you need a Tow Truck : UBER for Recovery trucks!

– After a Big House party, Sam needs a House cleaning service real quick : UBER for House cleaning service!

– Lucy needs Grocery at home, can’t leave the baby alone : UBER for Grocery delivery!

– Taylor plans for a private strip dance party for his friends B’Day, Needs a Stripper: UBER for Strippers!

– Naomi and her friends want Pizza for lunch, at their pool: UBER for Pizza Delivery!

…. believe it or not, you can fit in any category and it will work like a charm 🙂


Now, How easy is it to make a UBER for X business model, a hit?

The beauty of any UBER for X business model is that its hybrid: Partly Online & Partly offline, which means it is a real tangible business model. Lets say, you start a UBER for Massage service in San Jose. All you need to do is:


– Get the technology ready ( mobile apps ) – No worries, we have turn-key solutions for this at the bottom of this article


– Google and find the massage parlors in your area.


– Approach them and enroll them. Tell them you will send them customers ( Now you have their attention ).


– Negotiate a deal with the business owner for a commission on each payment – say 10% ( this is their marketing budget to get a customer – and they will be more than happy to give you that )


– Spend like $20 and Market your app on Facebook, targeting only San Jose ( You can easily get 1000 – 5000 app installs )


– Each time a person searches for massage parlous in San Jose, he gets the nearest one. Once the service is done, he pays via. your app – and at the month end you payout the businesses after taking your commission of 10%!


– As revenue grows, you can get an investment or scale it to more nearby areas 🙂 It’s that simple!

…the best part is VC’s are dying to invest in UBER for X models. Check this interesting article HERE

& yeah the trickiest part is getting the technology ready. The good news is there are a lot of TURN-KEY scripts available, using which you can set up a niche UBER for X business instantly…for as low as just $399!

Upon testing a couple of Turn-key UBER for X solutions, we found the solution from Smart Car

to be incredible and very cost-effective as well ( We also spoke to them and got a special discount for StartupDope customers. You can use the coupon code: STARTUPDOPEX while checking out. If you are planning on going for the Taxi solution, use the coupon code: STARTUPDOPE while checking out )

Like how Apple was for Newton – the Uber for X model may help you discover the next big internet sensation! Go for it!

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