5 Sure Shot Ways To Get Freelance Writing Jobs!

Being a freelance writer is both an exciting and a frightening adventure. Exciting because you are the master of your own time and it gives you the freedom to choose your own projects. Frightening for the reason that your constant worry is to maintain the continuous inflow of clients in order to ensure that you make more than sufficient to support your flamboyant lifestyle.

Oh! Trust me, all us writers have at some point in our careers chosen to reap the benefits of freelancing. Nevertheless, the one take away from my freelancing days was that there is ample work available and the demand for good writers is always going to be there.

Well to help you tap into this treasure trove, I have listed below 5 sure shot ways that will instantly turn you into the most sort after candidate for freelance writing jobs.

5 Sure Shot Ways To Get Freelance Writing Jobs!

#1 – Collect Samples Of Your Work That Best Portrays Your Versatility and Talent!

The best way to flaunt your talent and skill to the client is to provide them samples of some of your best work. To further exhibit your versatility and adaptability, ensure that the collection includes samples across all categories that you have ever worked on. Having such a diverse only goes to shows that you are a research hound that can dig deep into any topic and bring it to life with your wordplay.

#2 – Create Your Own Website or Blog!

Firstly, if you do not have a website or a blog yet then it’s high time you take your web developer friend out for some beer right NOW!! Having either or both of these act as a virtual resume where you can also have all your best works featured. Further, having something as personal as a blog gives you a free rein on your passion for poem or prose. In a way, it is your license to write in an unapologetic manner about matters that either fascinate you or you feel strongly about.

#3 – Visit Freelance Writing Job Need Websites!

The web world is busting at its seams with reliable and reputed freelance writing job websites. Make sure to visit websites like Elance, Freelancer, oDesk and many more to keep your plate full with projects that excite you and meet your paycheck requirements.

5 Sure Shot Ways To Get Freelance Writing Jobs!

#4 – Offer Work For a Big Name To Flaunt in Your Resume!

Have a friend who is the founder of a successful startup or who is the CEO of some big multi-national enterprise? Then make it a point to offer some pro-bono work to them in exchange for a link or a promotion. This simple gesture sure as hell plays a big role in catapulting your visibility as a freelance writer.

#5 – Network, Network and More Network!

Never underestimate the power of networking. Well when I say ‘networking’ you need to do more than just be active on your social media handles. So put on your charm, grab your coat and visit the nearest networking gig that gives you the opportunity to interact with personnel from varied backgrounds. Keep in mind that in-person networking leaves a lasting impression and will get you the constant inflow of clients.

What I love about being a writer? Well it is the flexibility it offers! But that doesn’t free you from the responsibility of conducting yourself in a professional manner. Remember that in order to be a credible freelance writer you have to earn your reputation by being diligent and trustworthy in terms of keeping up with the quality anticipated by your client and deadlines decided upon.

Also, do feel free to leave your very own tip that worked for you to get the freelance projects you desired!

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