Get User Feedbacks With The Help Of UsersThink!

Receiving desired feedbacks from the users, sends the right signals and promotes the services.

UserThink brings in conversations and vibrancy into the landing pages. It gets on demand comments from the real users. UserThink is here to take care of setup, configuration, user recruitment and all other hassles for you. Gain focused feedback you can digest in minutes with UsersThink.

John Turner, the founder of UsersThink is a computer love since childhood. He has been working in website usability for the past 5+ years.

“I was doing website usability consulting, and I had a number of tools that I used to assess client websites. I wanted something that took no time to setup to get real user feedback, and after constantly asking me “why hasn’t someone standardized this yet?” I decided to build the tool myself!” stated John.


People put in efforts on their websites, businesses and projects. They push on to give it a best shot, no matter what. Often people are blinded to foresee the consequences while keeping up with objectivity and fixing a million things.

UsersThink gives you that perspective back, by seeing how other people view your landing page as it is.

It is aiming to be the default tool for anyone working on a landing page, product, new idea, start-ups or company.

“I want it to be that anyone working on a project with a website will think, of course I’m going to use UsersThink.”

People who work remotely, in a small team, especially developers could benefit the most from UserThink to receive feedbacks.

To know more about it, checkout the website:

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