Uxplr: Your Tinder For Finding The Best Travel Destinations!

You haven’t truly lived till the time you have travelled. The world awaits… Discover it Now!!

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. The world is a big and beautiful place and staying holed up in just one part, sure as hell is denying oneself the pleasure of having amazing life enriching experiences.

But the reality is that we all have budgets and preferences. For instance, I personally wouldn’t want to end up in a country that is freezing cold. My idea of a perfect vacation is a destination with beautiful sun-kissed beaches or a destination that welcomes me with a hearty embrace of delectable food and world-class wine. Unfortunately the traditional travel industry lacks the means to provide us with suitable and useful information on destinations that best suits our requirements.

Thus to shakes things up and bring about a revolution in the travel biz, there is a new app in town called Uxplr. This website leverages destination discovery and offers users with the best search results that best fits their criterions. Read on to know all the amazing things Uxplr has to offer!!

Uxplr: Your Tinder For Finding The Best Travel Destinations!

Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind It All!

Ideated and co-founded by Colin Graham and Robert Darling, Uxplr is here to help suggest travel destinations that are most apt for you.

Robert and Colin were working together at their day jobs consulting for government and commercials organizations and solving difficult problems every day. They initially started working on building a company to monetize the fan experience for sports. However, when Colin told Robert of his frustrations when attempting to go on vacations, the idea around how they could help solve this problem for people popped up. Thus, Uxplr was born.

Know The App Up Close & Personal!

Uxplr (pronounced you-explore) is a software company that has developed a tool that matches and provides recommendations of destinations in the world that best fit a user’s preferred travel criteria such as budget, weather, activities, hotel, and food. The tool provides website visitors a simple and engaging way to get the most relevant travel information quickly and easily from any website that is using the tool.

How Does Uxplr Work?

All the user has to do is input simple information such as budget, origin city, airport and travel dates. The tool takes that information and quickly provides personalized and ranked recommendations of destinations around the world that meet their travel preferences. Soon this result will also be clubbed with the best deals to get to the location from across the web.

After the initial recommendations, the user can further filter the options using several criteria including weather, activities, restaurants and hotels. The tool will categorize those selections as important and weigh them heavier in the recommendations.

Uxplr: Your tinder For Finding The Best Travel Destinations!

Other Unique Features!

Once the user has the results, they have the option to either book their trip or learn more about a destination. Uxplr also takes into account “social media sentiment” and opinions on a location, weighing it into the recommendations.

This tool is here to fill a gap between the traditional “to”, “from” online travel agencies and airlines that current websites aren’t addressing. Through Uxplr, the team is on a quest to fill the “what if I don’t know where I want to go or I want to know what my options are” segments of the market reducing the time users spend researching vacations. Furthermore, the users can share their destination recommendations with friends through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

“We package up this consumer experience and make it available as a tool for travel websites to further drive engagement, increase conversions, and gain key user analytics that enable them to better serve their customers. The deployment of the tool on travel websites instantly addresses the significantly under-served and immensely important research phase of travel booking”, further adds the team.

What Problem It Solving?

Uxplr is here to solve the existing information problem. Travel sites have a great deal of data and ton of deals splashed all over their pages. User experience and research has shown it is hard for a user that comes to their website to make travel decisions based on that information unless they have a definite idea of what they wanted before arriving onsite.

This tool enables a user to easily enter the data that is most important to them about their potential vacation and brings the most relevant information to them. It is a beautiful solution because it not only lets the user see what all their vacation options are in one location based on their budget, weather, hotel, food and activity preferences but also recommendations the optimal locations based on those preferences.

In short, this tool takes the frustration out of the vacation research process for users and significantly increases data driven marketing opportunities and conversions for the clients.

The Inspiration!

Colin loves to travel. It was not long before he realized that he was experiencing the same patterns of frustration when thinking about and researching where he should go next.

“I would spend hours researching a destination using search engines or going to various travel portals just to see what my options were based on certain criteria, only to be frustrated at how long it took and how limited my options were. I want the best value for my money. I don’t want to search 10 sites or read a ton of random reviews for each destination and I don’t want it to take forever. This frustration is what lead me to come up an idea that finally culminated into Uxplr”, says Colin.

Uxplr: Your Tinder For Finding The Best Travel Destinations!

On The Challenges Faced & Competitors!

Like most startups, getting funding was the team’s biggest hurdle. The travel market is dominated by a few big players and convincing investors that a new company with an innovative idea can succeed in such a highly competitive market was a key challenge faced by the team.

In terms of competitors, Triporati and Kayak do pose as potential competitors. These two companies have tools that are similar but not the same as what the team has developed with Uxplr.

Plans Of Expansion!

Uxplr plans to continue expansion and deploy its tool on as many client sites as possible. The client base the team serves provides them with a wide range of growth opportunities.

“Our tool fills a key hole in the sales process for travel businesses. The travel research process is not being adequately or efficiently addressed within the marketplace. Our tool is an easily deployed option that enables a travel site to plug that functionality into their site without having to develop and manage it themselves. After sufficient deployments we will continue to develop new functionality into the platform and market our business intelligence reports to drive data driven advertising for our clients”, says the team.

Intended Audience & Monetizing Model!

At the moment, Uxplr is mainly targeted at potential travelers worldwide. However, because of the wide appeal of the tool its intended audience also consists of Online Travel Agents (OTAs), travel magazines, terrestrial travel agents, tourism boards, travel blogs, and any travel data aggregator.

Presently the team is earning revenue from multiple sources. These include business intelligence, client widget/API usage fee’s, custom deployments and travel agent subscriptions

To sum everything up perfectly, Uxplr is here to ensure that you never again have a bad vacation. This app understands the importance of your travel and does everything in its right to match you with the destination that best fits your criteria. 

Special Offer For Our Readers!

The team for a limited time is offering the tool free to their early business partners. So enroll with them NOW!!

For any business inquiries, do visit: www.Uxplr.com

Further to get inspired by the tool, look up: www.destinationdecision.com

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