Hunt The Musical Knacks At Vinylmint!

Vinylmint is an interface for the busy creatives, looking to quickly access world-class composers, voice actors and translators to create custom sounds for their projects.

Introducing the Humdingers!

Vinylmint is co-founded Byron Morgan and Jeff Muller.

Byron has been doped with a well-rounded perspective of the technological changes of the global media business. He is ingrained with all the feasible solutions to solve real industry problems, and has built a network of industry with  leaders and tastemakers to implement his ideas.

Jeff, a music reverence has also acquired experiences in ‘defence information management’ systems.  This provided the insights and zeal to develop the systems architecture and processes, to transform the sound publishing.

“Together, we are out to change the way game developers, ad agencies and music publishers connect with sound designers around the world to uncover the billions of amazing sounds that are currently not indexed or available online for commercial use,” expressed Byron.


The Voyage Of Vinylmint!

It all started from a research project at college. The digital content began to witness increases in consumption of streaming and downloads. Due to which, music industry began to acquire and invest in technologies that allowed them to clear, analyze, or manage the distribution of payments to artist more efficiently.

The fact that most artists were not registered with digital platforms was a revelation. Vinylmint was born from the desire to disrupt the standard practices of the modern publishing industry.

Despite of facing a pivot from the collaborative recording technology to a sound marketplace, Vinylmint avenged its quest. Version one of Vinylmint was a recording interface that would enable composers and vocalists to collaborate without being in the same location at the same time.

“Our concept got press and took us on a dog and pony show around the country to some the biggest events for startups including TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, DEMO, LAUNCH, and SXSW.”

It’s a simplistic solution for creative professionals to quickly discover and purchase the exclusive rights to the sounds that they are looking for in a community of best-in-class composers, voice actors, and translators.


The Market Face Off!

Interfaces like Audiodraft, Voice 123, Voice Bunny are the potential competitors of Vinylmint. It’s indirect competitors include Soundcloud, and Rumblefish. The entire market is contending for the library assets and talents of composers, voice actors, and translators.

Social videos are booming the online video buys, by increasing the interest of brands in all verticals. These campaigns are more content driven and provide an engaging platform for short/long form branded assets. They have also opened it for sound submissions from third-party sound libraries. Unbelievably, over 1.5 million songs are purchased each day on social video platforms with 40% of those acquisitions happening on YouTube.

The Software Development Kits from gaming software engines also provide the essential building blocks for creating and monetizing games across mobile and web platforms. There are over 2 million software developers purchasing assets daily from these environments.


Creative directors and freelance producers are the leading users of Vinylmint. They mostly develop the brand presentations or digital content for advertisements, films, television shows, podcast, social video networks, radio broadcast, music releases, and instrument designers. These individuals conduct business or freelance projects for mid-sized advertising agencies.

According to Nielsen Media Research, the majority of the creative professionals works within the Top 20 media markets and spend significant periods of their career within these markets migrating back and forth. Therefore, Vinylmint is a good option for the professionals as well.

Vinylmint is offering its users free rights management with no upfront yearly fees and a 67% of the revenues on an exclusive buyout.

Readers, feel free to email at [email protected] to avail the excellent creative community for music. For the first 50 readers, they are running offer of $50.00 on their first contest.

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