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What does Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Amitabh Bachchan have in common? They all have probably the most mesmerizing baritone in the history of male voices that could hypnotize you in doing anything they want you to do! Female voices have amazing vocal chords among them as well – the dreamy Zooey Deschanel or the seductive Angelina Jolie, the list goes on. Now these A-list actors are out of the budget for mere mortals who just want a good voice to sell or explain their product but thankfully, getting an A-list voice comes at far lower cost!

Voiver is a marketplace where anyone – be it a video producer, a startup or any organisation – can find voice-over artists for their project. The entire process of finding, hiring, recording and probable revision happen over the Voiver platform and is covered under a full refund policy.

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About the Startup

“Most video and content producers hardly ever have enough time to publish a project on online sites and wait for freelancers to submit bids”, says founder and CEO, Gerardo D. Polaino. It is a reality that offline sources for finding voice talents like studios, agents and middlemen have much more traction with the hiring industry than online services like Voiver. Mr. Polaino recognizes this as the biggest challenge facing his startup but he is convinced that Voiver is better than similar services, “At Voiver, there is no need to create a project or wait for the artists to send you quotations or bids; just find the voice, hire the talent and get your script recorded”.

The other member of the team and co-founder, Noel Alonso, handles back-end development for the service. “We hire ad-hoc help for development and maintenance every now and then, but most of the time it’s just me. And it gets difficult.” The struggles and triumphs are an everyday occurrence at a Startup and it’s something that we at Startup Dope admire.

About the Service

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Voiver has artists from all over the world, with access to their own recording studio and they are all required to set their rates under different scenarios up front – they can’t charge differently for the same type of project. This proactive approach ensures that people looking for quick turnaround on their projects don’t have to engage in time consuming haggling. It also prevents artists from undercutting each other by reducing their rates. The service is really geared towards simplifying the hiring process.

On the other end is you, the client. After choosing the suitable voice, you are required to pay the artist’s fees up front. The price along with the delivery timeframe is set entirely by the artist. This might seem scary since everyone wants to pay based on the final quality of work and not just on the artist’s demo tape but here’s the intersting part – your money doesn’t gets transferred to the artist until you are satisfied with the results! Voiver acts as an helpful intermediary by providing a project management dashboard where you can send instructions, ask for revisions (no extra charges) and download the final files (royalty free) only after you’ve okayed the quality. If for some unforeseen reasons your project isn’t delivered in time, full refund will be provided.

The service is free for artists and all you have to do, as a voice artist, is upload your demo and start getting paid. Voiver doesn’t charge commissions from the artists but a small service fee is added to the artist’s quote and levied from the client.

About the Special Offer!

Mr. Polaino was kind enough to provide our readers with a $20 discount coupon! It is only valid for the first 150 activation so hurry! After signing up, just send them an email with the text StartupDope20 and 20 dollars will be credited to your account. Head over to:

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