I want to quit my MNC Job

I haven’t tasted an MNC fruit yet, but when I ask my friends working in that sector, they would repeat in chorus “I want to quit my MNC job!!”. But why?? It has probably everything that you have ever dreamed of during college days.

Be it a humongous multi-facilitated multi-storey building with a separate parking lot to food courts that serve mouth-watering cuisines, a decent pay with job stability comes along a permanent partner (chuckles), an experience, even opportunities to go on-site, fun sessions, team-outings, luxury compo’s and the list continues. Isn’t that alluring enough?


Believe it or not, people and their lives have gone beyond the Tinsel town. Everybody wants to discover a Newton, a Pablo Picasso, a Steve Jobs and a Mark Zuckerberg within themselves. Then why slog in an MNC? Start-ups, on the other hand, insist on creativity and idea to be put forth that keeps the senses in working and evolving state.

Five facets that would keep me from working in an MNC and join a start-up.

The jobs in MNCs have started to become stagnant and monotonous, mostly because its just copy-paste. Few years of working in such organizations has made people realise that they have been under-utilised with very little skills (be it technical, inter-personal or managerial) being inculcated over the years. On the contrary, start-ups lead people to hone their skills by imparting ownership of the quality work to be developed. It is mostly the groundwork that makes a perfect leader.

The contended and non inspiring MNC jobs drive people to be change-intolerant which explains their inability to meet impending challenges in career. The start-ups motivate their employees to tread into unknown waters, thereby, pushing their boundaries further and enabling them to accommodate changes.


In MNCs, the core motive is to satiate the clients requirements by meeting deadlines at the cost of delivering quality product whereas start-ups impress clients with their flairs by focusing on quality.

Often, people working in MNCs feel like a oblivious wanderer in the complex hierarchy of the organization while start-ups have no pecking order, so employees are fairly appreciated and recognized for their work.


For fairly similiar skillsets, startups pay better than MNCs, which is why people opt for working in these newbies.

Most importantly, what can drive you better than the calling of the power within you. Start-ups can add a crisp to the work life and experiences. So, rise to greater altitudes with the developing start-ups.


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