Why would you need a Live Streaming tutorial?

Why would anyone need a live streaming tutorial? We already have live television broadcasts with which we no more have to wait for days to watch a recorded, edited version of any event. Television channels were always competing for telecasting live events. With the large viewer base these events had and the advertisers they attracted, there was always a fist fight to grab the telecast rights to any event and in cases of sports events like a FIFA final or NBA, this was much greater. And in a country like US where major sports events are celebrated nationally, there sure had to be a great race to gain the telecast rights.

But television channels are focused only on telecasting events that would attract businesses to advertise during the broadcast. Telecasting events to their audience worldwide; channels are only interested in telecasting events that would attract their viewers. Will ESPN or FOX be that interested to broadcast a high school soccer game just like they would be to telecast the MLB or NASCAR? Not really.

And in cases of a simple family reunion or a talent show at the local school; people had to still stick to sending friends and family recorded and edited versions of the events.

This is when live streaming services came to the assistance where people or professional broadcasters can now telecast almost anything from a high school football game to their kid’s birthday party all the way across the globe to a relative in another continent. All they needed was an internet connection with a decent connectivity speed and the live streaming app in their smart device. Just point and shoot. Broadcasting almost anything to anyone in any corner of the world is now simple as ABC.

And as in every service, these come with a drawback as well. They aren’t for free. Service providers charge hundreds of dollars for subscribing to their service and for both occasional and regular broadcasters; this really is a hefty deduction from their budget.

But with the live streaming tutorial from Learnsauce, broadcasters can now not only have but also own a live streaming service. Coming with full source code and an eBook explaining all the steps, the tutorial is the only asset any broadcaster would ever need anymore. With an app of your own, you can broadcast events all year for FREE! and also choose to offer streaming services to occasional broadcasters for an amount much lesser than that of your competitors’. And by providing ad banners at the platform for local businesses, the tutorial has only benefits to offer.

A tutorial, source code and eBook plus unlimited access to several other tutorials at just an annual subscription of $99. Why wait?

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