10 Dating Apps To Lookout For In 2015!

They say that true love is the closest thing to magic on earth!

In our lives, subconsciously we are always on a lookout for that special someone who makes us blush, who makes our heart beat faster every time we see them and who takes our breath away.

Well the good news is that you are not the only one. There are many yearning souls out there that are craving the same thing as you and thanks to technology it is no longer impossible to find them. So to help you in your quest to find a date, a soul mate or even a casual hookup, we have listed below 10 dating apps to look out for in 2015.

1. Tinder

When you think of dating apps, Tinder is the first name that comes to mind. This app has surely taken the online dating world by storm. It’s simple yet safe interface as made it easy for users to lose their inhibitions and completely brace the idea of finding their soul mate online.

Tinder is a well-developed app. It lets users go through numerous profiles anonymously and like them. This dating app takes the pain of rejection away. Only if there is a like back from that somebody does a chat box open up for the matched couple to carry their conversation forward while they still continue to look for other matches.


2. Grindr

We understand the ‘grind’ gay, bisexual and bi-curious men have to go through to meet potential love interests. Well do not worry; Grindr is here to spice up your love life. This dating app is one of the first to bank on geosocial networking. From the time of its launch to today, Grindr has become so predominant in the gay culture that having an account on it is the norm while exchanging personal details at any gay social events.


3. Dattch

Well ladies do not feel left out! This dating app is here to help lesbians, bisexual women and bi-curious women find their dates and soul mates. Build for women, by a woman, Dattch oozes of fun feminine vibe. Among the many lesbian centric dating apps out there, this by far is the best one.


4. Hinge

People are often terrified of awkward randomness that is involved in meeting new people. This fear is what discourages them from using any dating app. Well Hinge, is here to take out this very awkwardness. This dating app introduces you to only those people online that you share common friends with thus increasing your chances of finding a good match without having to deal with any creeps.

Like most dating app, users have to login to Hinge with their Facebook accounts, enter preference, sexual orientation, location and age. Through this app the chance of anyone being a jerk is very minimal because you would know many common friends.


5. Coffee Meets Bagel

This app once again meets the criteria of being one of the safest personal dating apps. Even Coffee Meets Bagel needs to be connected with your Facebook account. The bonus point is that potential matches through this app are reliable as it is found mostly from extended friends on your friends list.

If you are unsure about online dating, then Coffee and Bagel is the best way to test this uncharted water. With this app you can be assured to meet matches who are trustworthy as they will be connected to your friend list.

coffee meets bagel

6. OkCupid

Do not have patience for all that chatting before meeting your date? Want dating to be a spur of the moment kinda thing? If yes, then OkCupid is your go-to app. The most unique feature of this app is that it broadcasts your free time and interests to common members. Matches then put up suggestions and advice on how you can utilize the free time. If you like any of the suggestions then you can hangout with the person you choose.

The convenience of OkCupid has made it one of the most popular dating apps around. The app also has a boast-worthy size of users.


7. Pure

Looking to get laid? Tired of being the 20-something-old virgin? Well then boys and girls Pure is the app you need to download now. This app takes dating out of a dating app and focuses on one thing and one thing alone – one night (or day) stands.

Pure is quite straight forward in its approach. All you need to do is apply for a membership online stating your email, your city, your gender along with your sexual orientation. Next step would be to upload your photos. This app is free of messaging and chatting features. The only interaction you have with potential hookups is exchange of photos and setting up a date.

No more beating around the bush, Pure cuts right to the chase and if you are someone who wants to be saved from all the conventional dating app drama, then this is your holy grail my friends.


8. Twine

There are very few apps that allow the users to keep their identity anonymous till they find their match and Twine is one of them. Actually, this app lets you keep your identity hidden for as long as you want. Irrespective of whether you are matched or not you still get to decide on the time you wish to reveal your complete profile.

In addition, another unique feature of Twine is the ‘Ice breaker’. It suggests topics that can be commonly used to break the initial awkwardness and to know your match better.


9. Match.com

Match.com is probably one of the largest online dating apps known to mankind. With millions of users registered on it, you have a bigger platform to meet potential matches that share similar interest as you do.

Like somebody from your interest list generated by Match.com? If yes, send them a wink to instantly initiate chat. You can also chat with prospective dates and surf profiles and photos of matches.


10. Eharmony

What to avoid creeps and people looking for casual dates? If you are looking to form some really serious relationship, then Eharmony is your dating app. This in a way is also a matchmaking site where many matches actually culminated into marriage. So if you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, then download Eharmony right now.



So what are you waiting for? Download one or more of these dating apps to find either a special someone, a date or just a casual hookup! Also, be generous enough to spread the love by sharing the article with friends and folks dear to you.

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