6 Marijuana Start-ups To Look Out For!

The marijuana business has been outlawed for decades now. Well the good news is that it is making a grand comeback! With many states legalizing cannabis in the US, it only makes sense for ambitious entrepreneurs to mine this forbidden gold.

Here is a list of 6 marijuana start-ups that you need to look out for. These companies are here to take entrepreneurship to a whole new ‘high’.

Oh relax! You haven’t stumbled upon some illegal list. Trust us, all these start-ups are in complete compliance with the law and using their products is in no way going to make you a criminal.

1. Leafly

Co-Founded by Scott Vickens, Brian Wansolich, and Cy Scott, this start-up has given the world a legitimate marijuana encyclopedia. It is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. Want to know how different Sour Diesel is from Ogre? Then this is the app you should have. With Leafy you can now explore and review different strains of cannabis and stay informed. That’s not all; this company has also provided its clients with an important tool to search for dispensaries, delivery services, access points, and storefronts near them.

This start-up has truly made the process of finding the right strains and products fast, simple, and comfortable. Whether clients are new to cannabis, a medical marijuana patient, or a seasoned consumer, Leafly is the perfect destination for everyone.


2. Canary

This company is the brainchild of Josiah Tullis, Megh Vakharia and Dalton Caughell. Trust us; this start-up has given the world an easy way to buy cannabis as it facilitates transactions between marijuana consumers and legal providers.

Through Canary, consumers can now browse nearby dispensaries’ inventories and view product photos, descriptions, and prices. It is their assurance that cannabis will be delivered to your door in less than an hour.

canary app website

3. MassRoots

Conceptualized and co-founded by Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight, MassRoots is the Facebook for the cannabis community. This start-up has given users a platform that is entirely dedicated to cannabis. Through the MassRoots app users get the opportunity to share what type of marijuana they are consuming and pictures from their smoking-up experiences.

This start-up is also looking out for marijuana businesses by connecting them to customers. These companies can use the MassRoots network to promote their products and services directly to cannabis customers.


4. CannaBuild

Zach Marburger, Brandon Cook and Tim Skaggs, founded CannaBuild in January 2014. This is a promising startup that is developing a mobile and web app for marijuana dispensaries to serve their customers online.

That’s not all; app users can also participate, anonymously if they like, in chat, text or video chat with dispensary workers to find the right kind of medical marijuana for them. They can further use the app to book products for pick-up at the store, similar to the way a pharmacy works.


5. Dixie Elixirs

Founded by Tripp Keber, Dixie Elixir is a 4-year-old startup that is focused towards manufacturing cannabis infused products for the Colorado’s adult retail marijuana market. Their products range from carbonated beverages, mints, delicious chocolate truffles, capsules, bars to oil cartridges for vaporizer pens.

Dixie Elixirs is mainly targeting the cannabis users market that is worried about the health effects of smoking a joint. In addition to edible products, the company also makes massage oil, bath soaks and lotions for transdermal delivery.

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles

6. Rodawg

Founded by Josh Gordan, Rodawg is an interesting start-up that is here to give customers a classy ways to carry cannabis around. In spite of legalization of marijuana in the US, it still carries a shady reputation of being illegal and carrying it in plastic bags and syringes is so not helping the image.

This company is out with a vengeance and hopes to change the image of cannabis by introducing professional packaging and branding solutions. Rodawg manufactures some seriously high-end looking joint cases, aesthetic wax boxes for coffee tables and weed jars.


With the world finally opening up to cannabis, we must say, that the above mentioned start-ups are surely heading the curve in marijuana business. So come on, show them your love by sharing this article generously with your dope friends!

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