4th Office Introduces Businesses To A New Way to Work!

Effective work environment is synonym to high profitability, productivity and better work-life balance. However, unfortunately like a state of Utopia the concept of such work ethics still continues to be a mere theory.  Further, with team members scattered around numerous locations, the task of getting work done efficient is becoming all the more challenging.

This new paradigm shift in working together is changing in this fast-paced economy and not keeping up with it is going to be an organization’s biggest hurdle towards success. To help you with this very problem, we introduce you to 4th Office. It is here to offer you a tool that will surely keep your business ahead of the competitive curve.

4th Office Introduces Businesses To A New Way to Work!

Meet The Co-founder!

4th office was conceptualized and co-founded by Bostjan Bregar, CEO and Andrej Kuscer.

“I’ve been in the B2B enterprise software market for 25 years and not much has changed in that time, but things are about to be disrupted. I’m passionate about bringing disruption to tech in business – I want to change the way the world works, for the better. I recognize that tomorrow’s big successes will come from today’s small startups”, says Bostjan.

Know 4th Office Better!

The story of 4th Office started 10 years ago when co-founders Bostjan Bregar and Andrej Kuscer brought life to their desire of helping businesses transform the way they work. The pair set the business up to show how technology can empower businesses to be more efficient and profitable, as well as to solve the age-old work-life balance problem.

4th Office is a structured cloud workspace that empowers teams to work together efficiently, whether they’re in the same room or on the other side of the world. Based across Slovenia and the UK, they have long embraced this tool’s way of working – expanding and shrinking resources and skill sets as required through a combination of full time employees, freelancers and partners.

What Problem is This Tool Solving?

In today’s working environment, the team working on a project are scattered across locations. This makes effective teamwork difficult and the outmoded tools like email doesn’t serve the purpose.

Well 4th Office is here to solve this very problem. This provides an amazing way for everyone on the team to work together in a way that doesn’t rely on other outdated tools. This new archetype of how to work together is changing in our fast-paced economy, and those companies who can get their people to collaborate across cities, countries and the world using a tool like 4th Office will surely gain competitive edge.

What Inspired It All?

“We noticed email just wasn’t working anymore – it’s all-pervasive, yet kills productivity and intrudes into our lives. The personal struggle to get a good balance of work and family life is the story of every person building their own business – they have their family at home but they’re spending a lot of time at work and on the business. It’s this story that made me want to create a tool that helped individuals succeed in business and still have time with their family”, says Bostjan.

4th Office Introduces Businesses To A New Way to Work!

On Road Blocks Faced & Competitors!

Like most startups, getting the word out about the product was the duo’s greatest challenge. Further, in terms of competition, Slack, IBM Verse, Microsoft and Basecamp pose as potential competitors. These are big players in the market. However, 4th Office differentiates as it creates the balance between fun and work by focusing on deliverables.

On Expansion Plans & Intended Audience

“We are expanding globally and have just launched our move in to the US market – we want to beat the Americans on their playground”, says the duo.

At the moment, the tool is mainly targeted at businesses, employers and employees that are looking for a new way to compete in our fast-moving economy. There’s also a strong emphasis on fast-growing global companies who need the ability to work and collaborate with satellite teams in various locations

The Monetizing Scheme!

Presently, the team’s prime focus is on building their user base and attracting the right target audience to the platform.

“We recently raised a second round of funding from our great VC investors RSG Capital and Ben White with participation of our existing investor Notion Capital. It’s an exciting time for us to end the critical problem of email overload – a problem that’s only getting worse”, further adds the team enthusiastically.

So what are you waiting for? Get 4th Office now to change the way your business works!!

To know more about the tool and to subscribe now, do visit: www.4thoffice.com

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