MyDetails app offers simple ways to create your business cards

How many of us have the same old business cards printed on paper and distribute them to everyone just so that they could contact you, ever wondered if this could just be nothing but an exchange of dead trees? Yes, this is why MyDetails,came up with this unique idea of having business cards done with the help of an app, thus saving up on a lot of paper and money as well.

Jochem Davids has a passion for technology and innovations and loves to experiment a lot with the two in start-ups. Ever since the introduction of business cards, 90% of them are very cliché and do not have much creativity. This is one of the reasons why Jochem would love to give his customers the chance to make them very creative yet simplistic in nature.

Mydetails inside

How did you arrive at this idea?

“It just amazed me that people still hand out pieces of dead tree to exchange contact details and to stalk their business contacts for a follow-up meeting.” Jochem Davids

The goal as of now is to get some sort of traction, which is to get in as many as customers possible in order to help the product improve periodically. Yes, the normal paper business cards is the main competition and it’s not easy to get rid of this age old tradition but this is definitely a step towards something new that the people would love to use in the near future. The other competitors would ne the fancy apps with difficult technologies like NFC and QR Codes, hence with MyDetails you do not need to spend much time in creating a business card as it very simple.

With MyDetails, you can create interactive business card which are automatically generated and works perfectly with all email clients and does not depend on any other software as such and at the same time does not require any actions from the receiver as well. The best advertisement would be in the form of passing on the business card from one to another as the card would have the details of the app as well.

MyDetails is offering 50% discount for its first time users.  For more details on MyDetails, you can visit them on




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