Get Style Tips On ‘9minutes’ While Shopping!

The glamour world speaks so much about the in-trend outfits. It is quite a challenge to follow-up with the flamboyance. The most desired app, 9minutes is finally launched to revamp our wardrobe with most glaring apparels and accessories.

9minutes, the mobile app gives you all the fashion recommendations while you are buying those attires. It lets people ask and get shopping opinions in real-time. Apple recently selected 9minutes as one of the best apps in 2014.


Introducing the Showstoppers of 9minutes

Maurizio Zivelonghi and Marco Moschini, the co-founders of 9minutes met in a consultant firm where they discovered the passion for business and technology. Apart from the founders, plays a major role in the development and app maintenance.

9minutes was born in a fashion store. The idea sparkled while shopping with girlfriends.  “To buy or not to buy?” was always the question that baffled all the shopaholic or any buyer. They tend to look for advice by calling/texting/sending pictures to friends or family right at the store.

After the idea of 9minutes ticked in the masterminds, it passed quickly from simple thinking to real execution. However, the biggest challenges faced while the makings of 9minutes were failure through several applications for tech accelerators/incubators before being accepted by Polihub.

Working to set up your own start-up is satiable but the other side of the story is that it is indeed hard to resist to the pressure while bootstrapping, with no certainty of success whatsoever.

The Fashionista Tool, 9minutes

It renders alluring help to the people who want suggestions while shopping, anytime and anywhere they shop. 9minutes has introduced innovative features on trends and styles. The tool not only lets users share pictures of their products and outfits as fashion apps do, but it also offers a countdown of feature that is not available in any other fashion/polling app. This encourages shoppers to give and get feedback and naturally increases indulgence on style etiquettes.


9minutes has a groundbreaking voting system where the users swipe up/down over a picture to provide increasingly positive votes on a 1-5 scale. The fashion apps like Pose, Styloola, Stylect and polling apps leaded by Thumb, Voto, more recently Pyne play as major contender for 9minutes.

It’s Lingering Features

“We are building on the current limitations of our start-up, such as a limited community and an “improvable” monetization strategies, 9minutes certainly has the potential to grow significantly with proper mentorship and investments.” expressed the founders.

9minutes is a free app! It is setting up to release new set of functionalities to enliven the user experiences. The punters can expect registrations via email apart from connecting with social networks. 9minutes will herald a completely revised feed that will speed up significantly the app performance. An Android version of 9minutes is also in the pipeline.


The founders are also working on integrating universal plug-in with 9minutes, to be installed into a pilot partner e-commerce. The plug-in will let people ask/get opinions through 9minutes while browsing for products online.

On Monetization

The inflow strategies are proportional to the growth of the community. However, to analyse its opportunities on fiscal, the scope is enormous. It can support links to online stores through polls on products shared by our community.  Partnerships with physical and online retailers can also gain users to community. Temporary Deals like native ads will also add to the revenue. Apart from this, the universal plug-in can be another source of revenues.

To know more about it, checkout the website:


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