Ubiquitous Apps – Shaping the Future

From dawn to dusk, we are allied with some or the other apps to connect with friends, find the prince charming, transferring information or just ordering for food. Now there is an app for each and everything and these apps have the hands to shape up the future. The applications are upgrading our life styles and mending the loopholes in the days of reckoning.

Today, there is nothing far from our reach if we have a mobile phone with an internet connection on it. The apps can help you book a cab, when we are stuck at the middle of the night, get your food delivered even in the rain; track a person for the sake of their safety, thanks to those services and the app connectivity. With the mushrooming of millions of applications, the world is getting incredibly smaller, and things are getting done at a faster pace. Hence, we bring you the best of the apps amongst the rest.

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Tinder, the most famous dating app is a favorite among the young and old. The match making app connects the love seekers and strikes them with right swipes. The cherry on top of the cake is you get to meet people close by and find love instantly. No wonder, it has already won hearts of the millions by giving them the true match.

When Instagram came into the picture, the camera nerds and the ‘selfie’ obsessed went gaga over it. Now we have tons of pictures that are the eye candy to millions. With a huge crowd following, the app boasts of some unique captures from around the world shared by the best of the hidden talents, celebrities, billionaires and photographers alike.

A carnival for amateur and professional musician / singers, the SoundCloud app. Composers can upload their work and choose to get paid. As for fans, they can listen to their much-loved music artists and create their own playlist of songs. It turned out to be an easy platform for musicians to get feedback on their music instantly with an added advantage of acquiring new followers constantly. As was the case with Deadmau5’s channel on Soundcloud.

Skype mobile app is the instant face-to-face connectivity for the world. Now, no one can miss anybody, because you get to see him or her. It is also used for holding business meetings worldwide, virtually.

For the health freaks, there’s another app for that, RunKeeper. This app records the running and cycling routes, speed, calories using iPhone’s GPS capabilities. The workout can be shared with your exercise buddies, as well. All hail! good health!

Dropbox enables the user to share important documents and attachments for their business purpose. It’s more like a safe locker to harbor your digital documents in a safe place, and enables you to share it with your colleagues.

LinkedIn Pulse is all about keeping everyone informed on the industry news and let’s well written articles be read by everyone, by featuring regular writers ranging from business experts, life coach to industry people who are writing for the first time, who just want to share what they know; It does its bit to share critical knowledge. The app version is instant and at hand, hence one has quick access to insights about their industry.


Evernote , a bit more than a To Do note, we all lose track of time when we have so many things to do is so little time. For starters, it helps keeping all your tasks organized, without all the clutter. The result? It saves time and helps you get things done faster, with a lit bit of focus from your side.

The cloud-stored notebook helps you access your account from everywhere without having to go through a cluttered space. It’s designed for note-making and archiving, but hang on; there is more to it. Be it formatted text, snap, voice file, handwritten notes, a webpage etc, Evernote stores everything in organized folders. So folks, get a hang of it before your lose anymore data!

Kindle Well, who hasn’t heard of Kindle before? I guess ‘bedtime stories’ have now been replaced with Kindle for most kids. Actually, it’s not just the kids, it’s people from all walks of life.With E-ink that isn’t hard to read under the sun, Amazon made sure that you have a realistic e-ink experience! The device is all about books and only books. You won’t find a camera or shooting mode and that’s what makes it all the more suitable for e-readers.

The Around Me app brings in the nearest world around you to your mobile phone. It tracks your location and list the local points like restaurants, banks, bars, petrol station etc. Around me is a good way to learn about your locality and explore the ecstasy.

If you already have these apps in your mobile, you know it makes our lives marvelous but if you happened to miss few of it, try them now!                                                                                                                              

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