Noon Pacific: Your Weekly Mixtape!

Aren’t we all bored of our same old playlist? Between our full time jobs or our gruesome college curriculum, we seriously are strapped for time to even check out what the present Billboard No.1 song is. Also, there is so much beautiful music out there! The only time you even listen to it is when you’re traveling, going on a video watching spree on YouTube or when your friend forces you to listen to his playlist.

Oh how you wish you had an elf that could give you the best playlist the minute the last one got old. Well seems like Santa did come in early this year! There is a new app in town called Noon Pacific that is going to make your wish come true.

Noon Pacific Weekly Mixtape

Met The Man That Runs The Show!

Noon Pacific was masterminded and conceptualized by Clark Dinnison.

“I had just finished college and wanted an easy way to share music with my friends and family. I also wanted to learn how to code and build things for the web, so I figured I’d take a shot at building my first website, which happened to be the beginning of Noon Pacific. It started out as a simple mixtape of 10 songs that I would send out each week, mostly to family, until LifeHacker picked it up and wrote an article about it. Thousands of people signed up and I’ve been growing it ever since, eventually adding a mobile app for iOS and Android and now working on features to make it easier to discover more information about the songs and their artists”, says Clark.

Know Noon Pacific Better!

The app is pretty simple. It’s a 10-song mixtape of the best songs handpicked from the best music blogs on the internet, delivered to your inbox every Monday at Noon (Pacific Time). It’s an eclectic mix of various genres that always remains upbeat enough to improve your Monday blues.

“It’s difficult and time consuming to scour all the music blogs to find the best songs each week, so I dig through all the blogs, Soundcloud, and submissions to find the best tunes. I make it easy to stay on top of the latest and best music, while delivering it in an experience that is unique for the music industry. I’m passionate about design and think that it’s important to always be original in how you build things, so I try to make Noon Pacific different from any other blog or newsletter out there,” adds Clark.

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Getting subscribers and figuring out the social media game was the biggest hurdle faced by Clark. He admits that he is not great at getting on Facebook and Twitter to promote things. Irrespective it’s been a learning experience for him to figure out how to leverage those channels to get more subscribers. Social media is the main driver of growth, along with word of mouth, which is actually pretty huge in the music scene.

In terms of competitors, there are many streaming services out there that are competing for attention, including the thousands of music blogs, Hype Machine, and Soundcloud. However, Clark just compiles all the music from these sources so it’s really just curation of what’s out there. Noon Pacific is a very simple, attractive music discovery tool for anyone who is into the music he chooses.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“For the past couple of years it’s been a side-project that I’ve had fun working on, but I hope to take it full-time in 2015. I have lots of ideas for making it easier to discover more about the artists, making the mobile app a lot better, and expanding the brand in general. I’ve gathered a lot of passionate followers and I’d like to develop more apparel, products, and offline events like concerts, all with a unique twist that signifies the Noon Pacific brand”, says Clark about his expansion plans.

This app’s intended audience is people that love music but don’t have the time to scour the internet for music that is new. Thus they turn to Noon Pacific to have it delivered to them each week. Presently a vast majority of subscribers are designers and developers who are typically between 18 and 35 years old. They’re primarily in the United States, but subscribers from almost every country in the World are also hooked on to the app.

On Plans of Monetizing

“I make money currently from the iOS and Android mobile apps and also from limited edition apparel I create. I keep it advertisement-free to maintain a clean experience for the users, but am exploring a couple other options such as newsletter sponsors to keep the lights on”, says Clark.

Before you leave, we have some exciting news for you. You now have a chance of get some really cool high-quality Noon Pacific stickers that you can put on your wall, car, refrigerator or your friend’s back. All you need to do is share Noon Pacific with your friends on Instagram and then send your address to [email protected].

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