AirZolo let’s you connect with like-minded people on flight

icon175x175  AirZolo is led by Founder/CEO Benny Yiu, a seasoned finance professional with over 9 years  of Capital  Market and Private Equity experience (VP of Capital Markets for public firm) who  helped build a 30$M  tech peer-to-peer lending startup along with Jonathan Chen (seasoned  entrepreneur in the service  industry) and Andrea Neufeld (Director of Marketing for a mid  size firm).

 What is AirZolo trying to solve?

 Every year, over 200 million travelers worldwide are ready to explore and connect with  like-  minded individuals. AirZolo allows worldwide travelers to connect in a fun and easy way with their mobile devices, all within 5-10 seconds. AirZolo is a social network for travelers, build by a group of passionate travelers.

Yiu and Chen both travel a lot personally and for work, during a business trip, he realized that there is so much time that is being wasted on flights that can instead be used for networking. He thought there had to be an easier and faster way for all travelers to connect and from such a simple thought came the concept of AirZolo.

Like all startups, early stage financing and finding the right angel/partner to grow the business.


In today’s hyper connected world, the traveling community continues to struggle with connecting to one another in an easy and hassle free on-the-go manner. Finding flights, hotels and tours has increased in efficiency, however the same cannot be said for finding/connecting travelers on upcoming travels. AirZolo allows worldwide travelers to connect in a fun and easy way with their mobile devices, all within 5-10 seconds.

“At the moment web-based social travel forums remains our biggest competition.” Chen says.

They are planning to expand across North America in the near future and are looking for funding to do that.

Their target demographic of AirZolo consists largely of youth travelers ranging from 18-35 year olds, from Canada, United States, Europe and Australia.

“At AirZolo, we understand the importance of data and analytic in the travel industry and with that in mind; we designed AirZolo in a way to capture important and valuable travel data which will help us to begin monetizing quite early on in the growth stage” He adds.

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