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Form Devices, founded by Nils Mattisson, Fredrik Ahlberg, Marcus Ljungblad, Martin Lööf. Nils started Form after leaving his job in the Exploratory Design Group at Apple where he had been working in the earliest stages of product development from 2006-13, making proof-of-concepts and prototypes of ideas before they became products.

He started working on Form in the fall of 2013, exploring different concepts, and ideas around connecting people to their homes. After a few months of exploration, Point was starting to take shape. Nils was joined by cofounders Marcus Ljungblad, Fredrik Ahlberg and Martin Lööf in 2014, when the team went through Haxlr8r, a hardware accelerator based in Shenzhen where they prepared Point for production.

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How Form devices was formed

” We wanted something like this for ourselves. Peace of mind to know that all was fine at home, but our only options were cameras and intrusive sensors. We thought there had to be a better way and started prototyping and talking to potential customers. We originally put the sound sensor in our prototype when an Airbnb host said she wanted to know if her guests disturbed her neighbours, and we started thinking about what else you could do with sound.” Nils explains.

Point allows people to stay connected to their homes. Point was designed to be invisible, non-invasive and simple. The future era is made of simple devices that are more ambient and unobtrusive. Most smart things are actually quite unaware of their surroundings, sensors that just feeds data to the cloud. Point is a highly capable computing platform, capable of sound recognition on it’s own while having a battery life of more than a year. “Point consumes low power and It’s also an effort that is invisible in marketing material, but by having intelligence closer to people we can provide a better user experience, and at the end of the day that’s what matters most to us.” Nils adds.


Form devices’ main competitor would be Dropcam (owned by Nest/Google). Form right now is very product-centric company. And their idea is to reach everyone who cares about their home. and their target customers are people who live in apartments, and aren’t served well by current security solutions.

Nils says, “Right now, we’re selling products for money. It’s a tried and true business model. In the future, we’re expanding to services on top of these products”.

They plan to enter the corporate market as well by providing a pure service-model after trying their products on a few pilot-customers in the spring.

Website: http://formdevices.com/

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