Apollo Audio Lab: High-End Professional Portable Audio Equipment Company

Featured in Inc Magazine – December 2014 – Top 100 successful global technology startups in 2014

Apollo Audio Lab: High-end Portable Audio Manufacturing Company

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.” ― This was said by Douglas Adams, The Salmon of doubt. Time has come when technology is redefined to express how music is being reproduced. The loud speaker was invented in 1950s and for the last 5 decades, manufacturers had been striving for technology breakthroughs and cross matching music with technology.

Apollo Audio Lab is one successful professional audio manufacturing company founded by Viktor HPL in year 2014. The company firmly believes in producing extraordinary portable audio gadgets which are skillfully handcrafted in their lab. This indeed is the start of a remarkable revolution!

Apollo Audio Lab was among the nominated top 100 best technology start-ups in year 2014 by Inc Magazine. Within a span of a year, Apollo Audio Lab from a humble startup grew their product ranges covering headphones, earphones and portable amplifiers. What they had created were not audio gadgets that work well but they were pinnacle of perfection in many audio equipment categories that received extremely positive feedback from the worldwide fans and audiophile community.

Their company’s philosophy and secrets of success are simple. Something that largely attributed to their success is the fact that all products were designed, engineered, tested and assembled in lab by their dedicated team. This shows the tremendous amount of hard work put in by the company’s design team and standing against the tide of global industrialization where modern companies now practice offshoring manufacturing process to developing countries to reduce operational costs.   Apollo Audio Lab still faithfully believes that producing flagship high performance products is commitment that shouldn’t be outsourced.

Apollo Audio Lab: High-end Portable Audio Manufacturing Company

An Interview With Apollo Audio Lab Founder – What’s Upcoming

A couple of days before Christmas day , we managed to conduct a phone call interview with the company founder, Viktor HPL. The following was some of the interview transcripts during that phone call.

“In your opinion, what makes Apollo Audio Lab as a company different from other audio manufacturers ? “

Viktor: “Majority of our products were designed, handcrafted and engineered by the team itself. From designing to development and manufacturing, we are able to produce products that are remarkably unique and of exceptional performance. For example, full stainless steel, copper earphones were unheard in the industry till we had launched these products. The legend x1 is another example where all components were crafted from aluminum alloy block and fitted with stainless steel headband.   No manufacturers has gone to such great lengths to design, engineer and create a product from ground zero”. 

“ Do you think your product sounded best comparing to the other audio brands  ?  “

Viktor: “I didn’t set up the company thinking we wanted to be first in every areas and winning others. The wording “best” is subjective.  We designed the products based on in house technology innovations, selection of materials and engineering of the components.  We hope our fans and customers experience the superb audio performance that our product delivers and more importantly, they feel good and being part of the Apollo Audio Lab heritage when using our product.. This has been our motto from day 1 since I founded the company.  Every companies would have their champion and flagship products and strengths, we have ours too.   “

“Would you share with us, what are the company future plans and growth areas? “

Viktor: “Apollo Audio Lab shall continue to design and develop products in different functional areas. We all know that wireless and wearable gadgets are the next big thing in the next 5 years. We hope to develop new audio products that are of exceptional performance in those areas. We wanted to make some portable headphones that sound great too and making it affordable for most consumers”.

“Currently doesn’t your company has any wireless bluetooth products?  “

Viktor: “Not for the time being, for the entire year 2014, the company had focused in engineering some of the top end products to begin with. Earphones and headphones in particular. Designing Wireless Bluetooth product requires careful thought process, R&D and lab testing (which we will focus on in year 2015).  Our new products should be cutting edge different and superior in audio performance from what the market has currently available.  More importantly, the design and product reliability must be top notch and not just “average”.  I’m not keen to start a new product range purely for commercial or business growth reasons. If we set our minds on producing a new product, it should be offering to customer the best that we could come up with”. 

Inspired and Innovative!

Presently, Apollo Audio Lab is retailing their products on their official website, “they had an e-store that ships internationally for free and headphone, earphones products comes with lifetime limited warranty. Visit their official website http://apolloaudiolab.com for more details.

Product price starts from $350 onwards. In our ending conversation with the founder, what makes the company truly different is their inspiration and innovations to develop more interesting products that make music sound great and enjoyable!

You should take some time out to check their audio products!

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