SpeakDocs Reads Your Documents To You In 26 Languages!

SpeakDocs Reads Your Documents To You In 26 Languages!

Melbourne software development company Hyveminds a few days back released their web-based document reader SpeakDocs that can read a document to anyone with a Smartphone or a computer in 26 different languages.

Content creators, authors, businesses, schools and government organisations can simply upload printed material to www.SpeakDocs.com which then creates a new version of the document by embedding both a QR code and audio.

This makes the content accessible to a large number of users on their computer or smart device. With a simple scan of a print document or a click of a mouse button users can listen to the content in natural sounding voices. The newly audio enabled content can be used commercially or distributed freely and represents a world first in audio enabled document technology.

SpeakDocs is available at no charge for low usage while commercial packages retail from just $9.95.

“SpeakDocs makes print relevant again,” said Hyveminds director Michael D’Rosario.

“It connects printed material to the digital world,” he said. “It is a revolutionary platform that converts Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents into audible diction. Creating a SpeakDocs audio enabled document takes literally seconds.”

“SpeakDocs transcends the limitations of print,” said Hyveminds Director of Application Development Aaron Busary. “It’s the next wave of print based communication instantly translating documents for users from 26 different language backgrounds.”

Hyveminds was founded in 2012 by directors Michael D’Rosario and Aaron Busary. They have since brought together an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in software development, academia, communication and the not-for-profit sector.

Michael and Aaron shared a common desire to make educational solutions available to people from all walks of life and saw current developments in technology as a means to making these solutions more widely available and easily accessible.

Media Contact:

Christine Fernandez
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Michael D’Rosario
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