ATLM (a tout le Monde) Studios Unveil Coolest Clock on Indiegogo!!

Vienna, Austria (February 9, 2015) – Something revolutionary is going to change the face of time.

And it’s called Coolest Clock!!

ATLM (a tout le Monde) Studios Unveil Coolest Clock on Indiegogo!!

“Why do we all still have the same clocks with the same boring faces like nothing happened since the earliest sun clocks were created centuries ago?” asked Austria-based technology company, A Tout Le Monde, that invented Coolest Clock, a first-ever, one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose projection clock that can be personalized to display customized clock faces and other information.

Coolest Clock contains smart faces that can be fully customized to display various clock face shapes. It is connected to a specially designed Coolest Clock app that allows you to program the smart face to display information from the user’s smartphone or the web, such as weather, news, Facebook status, tweets, photos, sports scores, and many more. A Tout Le Monde has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $20,000 to complete the app’s design and bring Coolest Clock to the market. Through the campaign, the company can also make the following features available:

•    Customizable clock faces and adjustable clock skins
•    Wall projection for day and night viewing
•    Adjustable projection to adjust the size and brightness of the image for the most comfortable viewing format
•    Live location indicator allows app user to show location on the map to be projected on the Coolest Clock
•    Media Updates to show social media status, weather and news
•    Quotes for inspiration in any part of the home or office
•    Schedule or to-do list display
•    Energy-saving Beacon
•    Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment and multiple time zones

The team at A Tout Le Monde has finished designing the software and the projector itself, which works mounted on a wall and plugged in a power source. The team is currently in the process of creating a fully working prototype. Coolest Clock app works on any iOS smartphone and tablet, and will soon be available on Android devices. The projector can be controlled through the app using Wi-Fi or low-energy Bluetooth (Beacon) technology. It also comes with a compact remote control in place of the user smartphone to control on/off functions, adjust display, alarm, and many other functions.
Through the Indiegogo campaign, they hope to collect enough funds to set their minimum order quantity and any stretch goals will go into adding additional features to Coolest Clock, such as speakers and slideshow functions.

In return, backers be the very first to get their hands on Coolest Clock for Indiegogo-exclusive discount prices.
To find out more, visit the Coolest Clock campaign website.

ATLM (a tout le Monde) Studios Unveil Coolest Clock on Indiegogo!!

About A Tout Le Monde

A Tout Le Monde is an Austrian-based technology solutions company that strives to turn their dreams and visions into reality. Their products aim to give people more chances to have more quality time together to have a better life. They use technology to play with possibilities never seen before, and make them real and possible to use for everybody.

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