Mobile and other handheld devices over desktop computers

Computers of the olden days with their accessories and power requirements have always been accessed from a single location leading to the name desktop. And ‘desktop’ has always been the conventional way of using computers. With internet gaining pace, people started looking at ways of accessing the computers from anywhere. And laptops provided the best fix to the ever existing problem. Laptops, equipped with full and more advanced features that traditional desktop computers provided also had a rechargeable battery that provided added advantages being compact, light weight and portable.

Mobile and other handheld devices over desktop computers

Handheld devices:

Mobile internet service the best advancement in internet, provided the base of all the other tech advancements and with access to internet in their mobiles; users now had a much lighter version of the desktop computers. Though mobile phones did not provide all the features a laptop could provide; it enabled users easy access to the check their mail (e-mail; the then trend of the internet era). And with the inception of sophisticated and advanced operating systems – iOS and Android, mobile phones provided much more than just being a device to make and receive calls and texts.

Handheld devices over desktop computers:

Handheld devices, with their simplicity to operate and allowing access to anything and everything the internet could offer had a much greater impact on internet users of the digital era. With their easy portability and information on anything and everything at one touch; handheld devices started replacing the traditional desktop computers. Though the much lesser screen size prevailed as a drawback to the internet usage on smartphones, the main advantage of anywhere anytime engulfed any drawback mobile phones had to bear.

Tablet computers provided the best solution to this drawback. It had all the features a normal mobile phone was incorporated with and had a screen size much larger than smart phones.

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How has the transition changed the market?

With one touch, users were able to get their hands on any information they were in need of. And with the application industry’s success people are now able to do grocery shopping, purchase for books, learn stuff that they cannot afford at an educational institution and anything they were in need of is made available to them. All they have to do is just present their request.

And with on-demand services on the rise any business from beauty service and cleaning to food delivery and laundry service are now ready to service people at their very own doorstep. With their ease to access and facility to view, send and share anything in a very short period of time; people now had more time to spend with family or at work rather than driving around for errands. On-demand service applications have made their mark in every normal person’s day to day activities and hand-held devices facilitating this have offered to it more than any.

Live streaming was the next big thing that handheld devices and internet had to offer. Gone are the days where booking a ticket to a sports event or a movie or opera required long waiting hours. With live streaming, anyone in the world is now able to get a reality like watching experience just sitting at his/her comfort place. Live streaming has replaced in-person meetings in a number of corporate offices and with their in-person like experience and cost effectiveness a lot more has been made possible with very less expenditure and in much lesser time.

With the benefits mobile phones and other handheld devices provide, it’s no wonder people have overlooked desktops as the only tech reach available to the common public.

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