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Have you ever thought that the idea of a diamond ring is too impersonal for your tastes, perhaps you actually want something of the likes that really defines you? designs personalized gold jewelry, with the likes of rings engraved with your name, and pendants based upon portraits, including three-dimensional ones.  And they also use fingerprints as a design for rings. was founded by a group of techies, and in its nascence was an e-commerce platform to sell gold jewelry.  But selling plain gold jewelry online – especially in gold-obsessed India (where there’s no dearth of jewelry shops in any city) – did not prove to be that profitable.  So they decided to come up with a unique concept – to allow customers to have the ability to have their faces engraved on a gold coin, but even this did not create a major response although they did manage to sell a few.  And so they eventually changed their business model, but after a year they had a customer for their original product.  This led them to realize the importance of having a unique product, and thus they decided build their brand around the personalization concept.  After all, every customer will get a special product, which will be owned only by them out of the 7 billion people on this planet.

augrav1 competes with other online jewelry personalization platforms such as Zazzy and Shapeways, but first wants to penetrate the gold-obsessed Indian market before moving on to a more global scale.  But still, Augrav basically targets anyone who is interested in wearing or gifting a jewel, which is unique and has their identity as part of it as a customer.  Their typical audience consists of people who are getting engaged and want a unique ring – they actually seek to make their fingerprint rings a replacement to diamond ones; and otherwise people looking for gifts for their children or for weddings tend to be customers. has only been around for the last eight months, and their revenues are only increasing by the month.  So they want to make use of this advantage and build the best online/offline brand that they possibly can.  And it certainly goes along with the whole MakeInIndia initiative.

If you post on Facebook about “what is the most unique thing in you?” with the hashtags #GetPersonalizedDope #Augrav, you’ll get Rs. 1000 off your first purchase on

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