HereNow – an app to connect locally

Every wanted to connect with people near you, but weren’t sure how?  HereNow is a location-based mobile app to connect you to people nearby, without the need to utilize phone numbers.  It’s a hyper-local platform like Loqation where you can ask local questions, but also allows you to connect with people locally and communicate, solving that paradox of being able to connect with your friends from across the world on Facebook yet being unable to connect with your neighbours. After all, we can have similar issues, experiences, and requirements to the people around us, and a platform to connect people based on location allows you to either help out others or receive help from them.   The team behind HereNow admits that although the thought for such a platform had been around for a while now, the advent of smartphones with and tablets with GPS capabilities had made it much easier to implement such technology.  Such a platform can be good for building communities, because if everyone is connected, it helps with relations and also can fulfill needs.  A hyperlocal app like HereNow can do a multitude of things, from helping you find phone numbers for the local grocer or key maker, to allowing you to find more urgent or vital things like blood donors in your area.


Abhishek Sharma and Varun Torka are both IIT Delhi grads, with Abhishek going on to attend IIM Lucknow, and Varun attending IIM Calcutta.  Niraj Rajmohan did his BMSCE at AIM Manila, and he has also worked with Niraj at NetApp, where they are both project managers.  At the moment, they’ve focused on building hyperlocal communities in Bangalore, but they app also has a presence in Delhi/NCR, Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, only planning to expand from there.  After all, a hyperlocal platform like this has the potential to become an integral part of peoples’ everyday lives, giving them a way to connect and communicate as never before.  They also hope to see more people connect over common interests and issues more and more, which the app provides the platform for.

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