Share knowledge with Grewpler

Grewpler is a unique web-based social platform that provides users with social tools and features to help discover, share knowledge, learn, and connect with others who share similar interests, globally. Grewpler’s developing team consists of eight talented and skilled team members from Morocco, Canada, and the United States. Needless to say, these developers are excited, focused, and determined to provide a better web experience by developing and engineering features, services, products, and tools for users all over the world. Grewpler is planning on expanding into different industries in the technology market; furthermore, they want to make other services that combine social and knowledgeable content so users can enjoy the social aspect of a service while learning and discovering different things that are based on their interest.Grewpler It all started in a Calculus Honors Class, when one of the founders was thinking of why he couldn’t find people in his school who shared similar interests. And so the idea was born.  Grewpler was founded by Armando A. Carcas Jr. and Rachid Aachich in 2013, and targets students, celebrities, experts, sports figures, and professionals.  As such, they compete with sites such as Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, and Facebook – because they all carry the same sort of interests.  As for monetization, the founders would rather not say – they found a new way to monetize and no one uses it. And so they’re looking forward to patenting it.

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