BeautyArmy makes it easier to discover beauty products

beautyarmy  BeautyArmy the Startup by Lindsey Collins and Arthur Guest makes it easier for people to find things online. Through a simple questionnaire, BeautyArmy’s recommendations engine aggregates across various brands and products to provide targeted, personalized product recommendations.

BeautyArmy’s focus right now is on the beauty and personal care vertical. But they hope to grow into other domains over time.

The team derives it’s backgrounds and experience from MIT, NASA, Pepsi and Estee Lauder. The CEO, Lindsey Collins worked at Pepsi and was a government relations consultant for 2 years before she and Arthur Guest started Beauty Army.

BeautyArmy is a sample subscription service that recommends 12 samples to consumers based on their unique attributes and then allows them to choose up to 6 each month for $12.00. We are the only sample subscription service that allows consumers to choose what they receive.

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The CEO and Co-Founder, Lindsey Collins came up with the idea to connect people to products online after she was tired and sifting through irrelevant products online. She wanted to create a way that could use attribute matching to make it easier to connect people with relevant products.

In the beginning, their biggest challenge was coordinating all the moving pieces of team building, technology development, legal filings and customer acquisition. After three years in market, they are now focused on growing to other markets.

How is BeautyArmy different?

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BeautyArmy makes it quick, fun and easy to find the right beauty and personal care products online. Without BeautyArmy consumers are forced to waste time and money sifting through thousands of irrelevant products and waste money on buying the wrong things. Our solution quickly and seamlessly connects consumers to what’s right for them.

Lindsey says “Birchbox is a competitor but they don’t allow their consumer to choose which samples they receive each month so consumers inevitably receive beauty products that don’t meet their specific criteria. We think of ourselves as Birchbox 2.0.”

BeautyArmy is building an app focusing on Beauty and personal care products but eventually aspires to build a broader shopping recommendation app.

“We’re targeting women across the USA, who use beauty products, both rural and urban between the ages of 18-45.” adds Lindsey.

Their revenue model is through Sample Subscription Service where Consumers pay $12.00 per month and Full Size Shop where when a Consumer buys a product, they make a percentage of the transaction.


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