Last-Minute Reservations At Top Restaurants Guaranteed With BeeLine!

A couple of months back I was a strong advocate of the belief that ‘spontaneity is dead’. This stemmed from a series of unfortunate events where ‘prior reservation’ was the culprit. With most popular restaurants and night life venues in the city booked for weeks, making a last minute plan was a sure shot way of getting yourself stranded outside your favorite venue for at least an hour.

Just when I was beginning to lose all hope, BeeLine came along. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a must have mobile app as it gives you back the power of spontaneity. With it, you can now enjoy impeccable dining services that promise to get you last-minute reservations at top restaurants.

Last-Minute Reservations At Top Restaurants Guaranteed With BeeLine!
Nicholas Belsito, Founder of BeeLine

Meet The Genius Behind It All!

Beeline, Inc. is the brainchild of Nicholas Belsito. This app is here to ensure that you always have the perfect night out.

Nick spent his early life in the food industry helping to grow his family’s delicatessen and catering company in Worcester, Massachusetts. A world traveler, he has experienced many cultures by living in different places around the globe and has found a common theme; that food is the key to the soul of its people. His travels inspired him to pursue his passion and help others discover great culinary experiences.

BeeLine was born to connect amazing restaurants with customers looking for a unique food adventure, even at a moment’s notice. Prior to BeeLine, Nick spent five years at Raytheon Co. in strategic finance, spearheading areas of international growth and acquisition. He graduated magna cum laude from Bentley University and has always looked to turn a night out in the town into a memory that will last a lifetime.

Know The App Better!

BeeLine is your private concierge service – providing premier dining and nightlife experiences with a personalized touch. This app has teamed up with top restaurants and nightlife venues to ensure ‘skip the line’ access with perks. Through intuitive iOS and Android apps, BeeLine, Inc. is putting spontaneity in the palm of diner’s hands, where they can enjoy prime time, VIP access to a network of top venues whenever they want; even at a moment’s notice.

Last-Minute Reservations At Top Restaurants Guaranteed With BeeLine!

On The Problem It Is Solving!

In a year close to $27 billion is lost in revenue due to no-show or late arrivals. Also, businesses even today use archaic reservation strategies that often leave guests out of luck when trying to secure that perfect night out.

BeeLine is here to solve this very problem. It goes beyond reservations and acts as a private concierge that answers the critical questions of ‘Where are the best restaurants and nightclubs and when can I get in?’ The ultimately aim of this app is to provide an unmatched personalized event that turns a night out into a memory that will last a lifetime.

“There is a very antiquated process involved with calling a business to speak with a Maitre’D or a VIP host. You may be on hold for 20 minutes or wait outside to get in for over an hour. This is a very poor user experience. People want instant gratification and the peace of mind to know that their night will be taken care of for them. We save people time with the push of a button”, further adds Nicholas.

On Hurdles Faced & Contenders!

Restaurants and nightlife venues are very stuck in their ways. Thus developing the right technology that would be seamlessly integrated within their current operations was the team’s initial challenge. But the team is proud of the fact that they have developed a platform that enhances hospitality operations thus saving businesses time and money.

When it comes to fellow contenders in the market, OpenTable and EventBrite may qualify as one. However, OpenTable does not have the technological capability to offer dynamic pricing strategies while Eventbrite is not positioned as a venue based platform and pays nightclubs for ticketing rights.

Last-Minute Reservations At Top Restaurants Guaranteed With BeeLine!

On Future Plans & Intended Users!

“BeeLine is currently in San Francisco and Boston. We will soon be expanding to New York City and Los Angeles. Also, expansion plans are underway and investors may contact us for further information”, says Nicholas.

At the moment, the app is mainly targeted at professionals who enjoy restaurants, nightlife venues and events.

Monetizing Model!

BeeLine is set to be a key player in the $710 Billion social dining and entertainment space while providing real-time analytics and just-in-time marketing to businesses. When it comes down to monetizing, the app charges a concierge fee to the consumer on a per use basis.

In short, this kickass mobile app gives you the power of spontaneity. With BeeLine, last minute reservations at any swanky and popular restaurant and night club is now just a click away. 

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