PinU Trails Your Pals In The Vicinity!

PinU is an app that allows you to message your friends when they are nearby. It is the easiest way to discover when your friends are around at the same time as you are. The beautiful app finds out if your friends are in your area at that moment, which is a common problem faced especially by the students to reach out untraceable friends. PinU’s mission is to create shared experiences all over the world.

The Makings Of PinU!

Haris Adu and Ricardo Mighty, the alumni from Royal Holloway and University of London, run PinU. The entrepreneurs met at university and have known each other for 5 years now. The team has an equal balance of technical and non-technical memebers, who are passionate about taking risks.

The idea of shaping PinU tinkered when the founders were perturbed while trying to find out if their fellow mates were on campus. So, the founders started conceptualizing a location-based app to located friends who are nearby.

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“Not everything you try is going to work and we are proud to say that we’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. We failed yet always aim to look for solutions rather working on solutions that clearly don’t work,” said the co-founders.

 The Buddy App, PinU!

PinU, a location-based app notifies you when your friends are around. It helps you discover the unreachable friend and message them instantly. Whether that’s after lectures, before a night out or whether you’re just bored at home, PinU shows the comrade in your zones.

On the surface Swarm by Foursquare stands as the major competition for PinU as both feature location trail. However, the guiding principles and mission of PinU are entirely different and unique that broadens the scope.

“We are always thinking big, and our mission is to create shared experiences all over the world. However we are focused on the immediate task at hand which is to get students in the UK on the platform as quickly as possible and then we will think about international expansion,” revealed the co-founders.

The app will have its premiere launch on Google play and will only be available in London and will expand throughout the country, domestically.

To know more about it, checkout the website:


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