Add Reminder Functionality With

With ‘time is money’ concept, the ‘reminder functionality’ is high on demand for every application. is here to meet the requirement. gives web developers the ability to add reminder type functionality to their apps through webhooks and a simple API.

Christopher Li, the sole Founder of has also founded a mobile app company, Favasian Products. He is  amongst the partners and board member of a software company called Rigpa Solutions.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The idea of tinkered out of the emergent necessity for reminders.

“Our team needed the ability to have reminder type functionality in several of our applications. So it made sense to abstract it into its own separate app.”

The biggest hurdle was to build and ensure the near real time aspect of the reminders. integrates the reminder functionality to all of the apps, not just mobile. The solution is beautiful because extreme thought and work has been put into ensuring that the timing of reminders is near real time.

It competes with services like, which does have push queues, but the delay can only be set to a week maximum. Delayed job works well but, but then you have to worry about scaling workers. has no limits on time and scales with you.

“The idea started off as only sending webhooks back to your own app. But I see as being able to connect all different apps and services together that may require delayed or scheduled webhooks.”

Web developers can avail the to incubate reminder functionality into their existing business solution.

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