Simplifyd Helps Businesses Manage Themselves Better!

Running a company sure as hell is an adrenaline rush. From closing deals, pushing marketing campaigns, developing kickass apps to raising funds, having a small business is a high.

However, the one thing that poses as a buzz kill is the never-ending and mundane daily tasks. The brain-numbing excel sheets and the extensive paperwork can leave you agitated and take the joy out of being an entrepreneur. Unfortunately these tasks are crucial and imperative for growth and there is no escaping it.

Well the good news is that we have a solution to solve this very problem. We introduce you to Simplifyd! It is a modern age tool that helps you and your team to better manage your communications, finances, and relationships that matter most to the business. After all, having a smooth running organization is the foundation of a successful company.

Simplifyd Helps Businesses Manage Themselves Better!

Meet The Duo Behind It All!

Conceptualized and co-founded by Sean Miller and James Willard, Simplifyd is here to help you better manage your business.

“Like the books I read, I’m all about short chapters that teach you something – from TV production to running a cocktail bar (both in much warmer climates), I had always put my drive – and money – into areas I saw real opportunity in. I also discovered pretty early on that I didn’t like having a boss… which is why in my last venture I joined forces with James – an immensely talented Front End Designer and Developer – and setup Jyst. It started off as the two of us, although two quickly became six”, says Sean.

Working together over the last few years, the duo like many smaller teams faced challenges around managing partners, customers and each other. They fell into the common trap of working 80 hours. This is when they thought that if only there was an easier way to work. Many agencies the team knew were still developing timesheet or studio management software. Thus along with Branko and Hannah (enter backend development and great content), Sean and James started to build Simplifyd.

Know The Application Better!

Simplifyd is allowing people to focus on their business, support, customers and clients. As per the team, you shouldn’t be spending days manually working through paperwork or creating invoices in Excel or Word. That’s the team’s goal with Simplifyd.

To simply sum it up, this application is here to help you manage the daily mundane tasks of running your business so that you can concentrate on what really matters, the things you are terrific at. With this app, Sean and James wanted to remove any unnecessary complexity involved in running a business and take away the hard work involved when tracking finances, facilitate interactions, manage tasks and much more.

Simplifyd Helps Businesses Manage Themselves Better!

The Problem It Is Solving!

Running a business is complicated enough and with so many apps in the market it’s hard to know which ones to use. Many individuals and teams are using an increasing number of apps to help support their business. Such apps are not only costly but are also time consuming as each team member has to learn new software and log in.

Simplifyd solves all such problems as it allows you to easily manage your business through the use of a single app. From one account, users can have a clear view of their interactions, contacts, finances, to-do’s, notes and sales pipeline.

The Driving Force!

“Although I enjoyed working, I genuinely resented having to get through the daily mundane business tasks – the admin part of running a business always managed to demand the most attention, at the worse time. When I began to work with James I promised myself I would do things differently – I did, we decided to centralize everything and went about sourcing products to help us. Soon we had out goings of $400 – $500 a month, spread across a range of different services; Basecamp, Freshbooks, Wunderlist, Evernote etc. This is when we decided the opportunity was too great to miss and set about developing a simple yet smart solution that centralized all of the actions we needed to do, into one easy to use platform”, says Sean.

On Challenges Faced & Competitors!

Like most startups, the team’s greatest challenge was to get the word out in the market about the product. Also, getting the required support to do so and to refine the target audience were also some hurdles faced by them.

In terms of competition, Insightly and Xero pose as potential competitors. Insightly is the No.1 small business CRM used by over 650,000 people worldwide. The team sees Insightly as a competitor because they are the market leader. However, there is no client interaction, no invoicing and multitude of options. On the other hand, Xero offers all the small business accounting needs but does not offer everything else needed to manage a business. Although Xero is not a direct competitor, the duo sees it as a successful product in the same market place.

Simplifyd Helps Businesses Manage Themselves Better!

On Expansion Plans & Intended Audience!

“Having launched in December with a fully functional service for “Solo” users we are currently beta testing “Teams” and real time functionality between team members. Q1 will also see Xero integration and Android & iOS Apps. We are also planning additional features such as expenses, multiple currency invoicing, reports and accountant login access”, says the team.

At the moment, Simplifyd is mainly targeted towards newly incorporated businesses, start-ups, small teams, contractors and freelancers worldwide.

Monetizing Scheme!

Simplifyd is a SAAS subscription model with a monthly subscriptions and optional discounted annual packages. All signups get a free unlimited feature, 30 day trial with the ability to upgrade at any time. From February onwards, on can also see the start of a referral program which will offer free months for introducing new paying accounts.

To sum it up perfectly, Simplifyd is here to help manage and run your business better. With its help you are surely on a fast lane to success.

Psst….Special Offer For Our Readers!

The team of Simplifyd was kind enough to leave our readers with some exciting offer. All you have to do is use the code ‘Dope’ while signing up with the app in order to avail an extended 3 month Free Trial that is otherwise worth $90.

To sign up now and do know more details about Simplifyd, do visit:

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