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Learning a music instrument is no easy task, it takes years of practice and dedication to learn the art of playing and developing the skills. Cleffy is a web based platform designed to solve all the problems one could encounter during the learning stages of an instrument.

Founded by a group of five music lovers based in Marches, one of the twenty regions of Italy came up with the idea of this start-up during the “Start-up Weekend – Ascoli Piceno”. This event hosted by Google is one of the largest worldwide events dedicated for people interested in pursuing a dream of owning a start-up. One of the co-founders, Simone Lucidi had the following to say after winning the event, “The bound and synergy between members, during those 54 hours, were the real strength that allowed us to win.”

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Simone Lucidi, Marco Marini, Davide Filaggi, Matteo Annibali, Michele Falconi are the five founding members of this venture who are driven by their passion for music and Computer Science. The crux of Cleffy is that with the help of the microphone on the computer, it could listen to you while playing and tell if you were doing the exercise properly or not. The biggest challenge for them was  to avoid using an external plugin or different desktop software and coming with an audio recognition engine which was entirely web based.

To master a instrument, it takes a lot of perseverance and sometimes one gives up easily after the initial lessons as they tend to be tedious and complicated.  Adding to this would also be the expenses and the time factor but with Cleffy one doesn’t necessarily have to spend a lot and it is very easy to access. It’s basically a virtual teacher which does very little of talking and a lot more listening trying to help one out by correcting the mistakes and thus enhancing your skills in the process.

The main competitors are Rocksmith and Yusicians where one would need a XBOX or PlayStation to access Rocksmith as it is a video game and you would also have to connect the guitar to the console. While those who want to use Yusicians would have to download the desktop software and this way Cleffy makes it very easy for one to skip all these necessities and have an easy access to learning the desired instrument without much difficulties.

How did you arrive at this idea?

“I’m a Guitarist and I know exactly what learning an instrument means! In particular I was annoyed about how many times I had to skip the lessons because of my commitments. I wanted something that would have allowed me to learn wherever and whenever I want. I’m a programmer, and I thought that Information Technology could help me with this!”  Simone Lucidi.

Music itself is an international language that has no boundaries and this is what Simone Lucidi had to say about music “Music is one of the most beautiful things in life, and everyone should have the chance to enjoy the pleasure of playing an instrument. No excuses, no obstacles. Our dream is to make the music learning accessible to everyone.”

Cleffy’s purpose is to give the people an opportunity to learn an instrument of their choice or just practice during their free time. By the month of October the Cleffy would want to be available worldwide by launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and raise the necessary funds required to do so. As of now, Cleffy is still in the development stage with a lot of previews available on website, guitar would be the first course that is available for the users. For beginners Cleffy is offering free classes on and also for those who are very skilled at guitar could also try their web based game where one can play the game and challenge their friends on

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